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Do we need a separate page for Unified setting Dorfs?

Do we even have enough about US dorfs to start a page?

/req/ moar "Dwarven Mating Practices"

Dorf reproduction habits haven't been observed AND THAT'S JUST FINE THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT.! You know you want to write about it heheh

Honestly? I preferred the old "Dwarven Mating Practices", although that explains a lot of my DF.

Dwarfs? Dwarves?[edit]

"Dwarves" was used by JRR Tolkien, so fantasy gamers consider that to be the correct plural. Tolkien later wrote in his memoirs that he knew the proper plural should be "dwarfs," and he regrets exercising his poetic license to invent the term 'dwarves.' Either is correct; and you'll find spergburgers that will argue on either side as being "more correct."

We don't give any shittes; either plural is fine.

Dwarfs == Jews?[edit]


When we say dwarfs are like a stereotype, we're indicating "stereotype," not saying people really are like that.

The dwarf stereotype is similar to the stereotype for a minority forbidden from owning property: insular, xenophobic, and obsessed with tangible wealth. Dwarves do it because they are faerie/imaginary spirits of the underground and finding stuff underground in their first appearance in the Norse Edda, the source of Norse mythology. European Jews did it because they were forbidden to own land, so they had to get by as merchants or moneylenders... which means being a meanie to collect on unpaid debts, and getting fucked over. This was a long time ago; we're better than that now and we don't subscribe to such misleading stereotypes. Now both sides can agree to hate Mongols witches Commies Muslims Scientologists Catholics paedophiles instead.

Elves and dwarfs get along much better now that they can agree that every human orc kobold must die.

Everybody got dwarves from D&D, D&D got it from JRR Tolkien, and Tolkien got it from the Edda. It's been long enough now that dwarves are no longer exclusively underground xenophobes, though the stereotype does get used because "conflict makes for good stories."

Dwarves grow long beards, but make sure they keep them well maintained. They tend to have conservative sexual morals, are almost always armed with a bladed weapon of some kind and often wear precious metals on their persons. As such they have more in common with the Sikh than with the Jews, as the Sikh have five tennents that are in line with the Dwarves: carry a weapon (kukri) on you at all times, do not cut your hair, make sure you hair is well-kept (a guru issued this one as he was sick of the nasty beards of his followers), wear special undergarments (and by removing them in the presence of someone else, you will accept the consequences of whatever you do) and carry metal bracelets. Both groups also value the customs of their ancestors and strong bonds with kin. - Biggus Berrus (talk) 18:00, 2 February 2014 (UTC)

Dwarvish Accent[edit]

Everybody always says that dwarves have a gratuitous scottish accent. EVERYBODY. But I recently heard a reading of Shakespeare in the Original Pronounciation, and I would argue that dwarves more often speak, in auditory media, in Shakespearean OP. Anyone know Shakespeare who disagrees? --FlintTD (talk) 23:58, 8 September 2013 (UTC)

Dwarven Spirit[edit]

I'm debating whether to put Diggy Diggy Hole in the See Also section; it's an expansion of a joke in the Yogscast, a Minecraft Let's Play, and has a lot of visual references non-watchers won't get; but it's also one of the most fervent expressions of the dwarven spirit I've ever seen ("dwarves can never dig too deep" stands out as particularly expressive). Even the dwarf vs. elves angry Youtube comments are starting to come in! Opinions, please?