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New/Additional Site?[edit]

Um, it says discussion about the page... so anyone can discuss stuff here?

I noticed this 'auto-saging' thing mentioned several times on the /tg/ threads... it seems like a difficult thing to contend with trawling through a thread which may disappear before you get back to it to finish reading it... or is it just archived..?

Well I got all excited about this idea to have a site for it so I just whipped up a weebly site as a sort of concept...something visible for me to work with.

e_e' Its forum capabilities are limited, only a plugin or something called 'Forums by' ... so Weebly has this great little line in their ToS that states that even though they get all those 'rights' to do whatever they like with your stuff, like many other places, they lose those rights when you terminate you site...which is great if you actually run in to issues (dunno how likely that is) I don't trust those '' forums but Weebly has a blog feature, so you can post comments in a way which isn't really any worse than the single strip of comments /tg/ has but you don't have to worry about saging! :D

You can also have categories and a feed so it seems pretty useful. Anyways it's just something which I thought you guys might like but it's cool if you don't :3 Feel free to offer any suggestions as to what I could change...

Oh! The URL is

Fallout 3 Crossover[edit]

Anyone actively interested in giving input/spellchecking/whatever to the Fallout 3 crossover, please post under here.