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Removing this page[edit]

Since F.A.T.A.L is probably the worst, most disgusting RPG on the planet, why have a page about it? Is it so humanity can learn from the mistakes of the past so we don't repeat them and make another abomination like this game.

To make fun of it, duh. Don't think so hard, or you'll hurt yourself. --Newerfag (talk) 04:46, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
DUDE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As historians document the worst mistakes of mankind, so should 1d4chan, and /tg/ in its neverending effort to support mankinds development, document this epic class biblical failure, so never again shall mankind fall to such a low level of insanity.
Also cause, we need to remember where "roll for anus circumference" meme came from.


Anyone care if I do a rebuttal to the rebuttal? -Anon

Fuck your NPOV. I need a drink. GURPSFag 13:05, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

I know FATAL belongs more in the category of shit than roleplaying, but what the hell, just run with it. --Myomoto 20:33, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

FATAL rates statistics on a scale of 1-199 and gives men a bonus to STR; the -4 STR meme does not originate there. -Destro

Does this mean it's the origin of +4 Str? - Anonymous

I just remembered reading this and thought I should share it. --Myomoto 13:01, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

I think the review has been taken down. This makes me rage. Does anyone have it saved? 08:11, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

is that .pdf of original FATAL? Gesmana 15:52, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

No, it looks like the second version. You can tell because there's no sign of the racist magic armor.--Newerfag 06:04, 4 November 2012 (UTC)

You have to be kidding me... This shit fuck sick game suddenly cares about not putting racism in its game? its like a nazi concerned about sounding too violent!


What are the chances we will ever make a FATAL homebrew, possibly stealing rules from other games so that it's actually playable, like maybe make the magic or leveling system less fucked up.-- 19:24, 14 April 2010 (UTC)

Imho there are f*cktons of sh*t that must be salvaged for the greater good. Sure it needs some cleaning up who else came up two-fucking-thousand different magical effects?

I think that would just be Rapture Academy with some other game's combat system glued on. Perhaps Hackmaster's.
FATAL is already the worst homebrew ever made, so you might as well just make your own. Tim 08:47, 17 February 2012 (UTC)

I think the rape rules are pretty solid. I adapted them for my campaign for some NPCs getting raped so the PCs could rush in and save the day. The ruleset is a disaster so it is more tractable to borrow from FATAL than try to fix it. 06:38, 19 June 2012‎ (UTC)

One of the problems of fatal is that the writer don't know what he wants. At some times he says fatal is about being realistic and then at other times he also says that fatal is about giving equal chance to every player (that's the reason that according to him fatal need all those randomizer tables). He also says fatal is supposed to be setting-free, (he even exclude some information from the core book asking the player to go to the setting book for more info at the subject), but then you have rules that aren't setting free like the "roll to decide your race" rules, those rules would be different at different settings, because different settings would have different population of difference races, but they are at the core book that supposedly is supposed to be setting free.

More: He says many times his RPG is about being realistic, but he implement some unrealistic stuff because this unrealistic stuff was right on the medieval time. Its like (HE DIDN'T DONE THAT) making the sun orbit around the earth just because its like they believed in the past, and then saying your medieval RPG is scientifically realistic.

Other stuff that make the rpg become the mess it is:

1-He included some texts that have nothing to do about rules, If I remember one of them is some philosophical stuff about being good or bad (that add nothing to the Alignment System). This add unnecessary stuff and because of the way you create your char (in a similar way to gurps vehicles creation), make harder to someone to create their char.

2-Many unrealistic stuff like:

2.1-Choosing the job at random, if you are an adult (probably to make each person have the same chance).

2.2-Selecting at random some body features that can be changed at will by the person itself, like hairstyle.

2.3-Magic system is not 100% like myths, a thing that he says the game is supposed to be about, he specifically says he is changing the way it works (if I remember, adding armor penalty when it didnt existed) to make it balanced.

2.4-Some rules based on prejudice (or at least jokes).

3-You need to read the rpg from beginning to almost the end of the book to create your char. That's happen because he writes about some subject needed to create your char and then add everything about it. Like when he writes everything about cities because the book is now on the part where the char rolls where he was born. Creating a char at fatal is almost literally like making a vehicle at gurps vehicles, that's the perfect example of how the system works for someone that never tried to make a character.

So first we would need to choose what fatal we would want to save, Realistic Fatal vs everybody has the same chance fatal, and then choose Setting Free fatal VS fatal with historical medieval setting with the extra magic and monsters. After we decided this, then and only then, we would be able to start. I would vote to select scientifically realistic fatal,with a mytically and historicaly realistic setting. 20:11, 18 April 2013 (UTC)

/Tg/ is trying to homebrew FATAL!?!? I hope beyond hope that I was just trolled. ilniaj

I actually tried to fix fatal (the guy that said all that stuff before your comment). I started to read the entire book, writing what each page had (to better orginize the book later), stuff that would need to be removed from the page, stuff would need to be changed, pages to do a deeper check later....
Developers had ideas that dont fit with each other (being realistic vs each player having the same chance vs being hard fun), (relying on game setting vs having a open setting). My idea was to fix it making it fiting the fatal core idea, because they have different ideas that not match I had to chose one to follow. I decided to make it realistic (instead of each player having same chance stuff) and decided to make the game be about a core setting (historical medieval era where myths from the era where true) instead of making the game have a open setting.
After some time I decided to quit, I discovered I would not be able to do my idea, because I would need to have historical and mythical knowledge to fix fatal historical and mythical not so obvious flaws and have other stuff knowledge to fix other scientifical flaws of fatal. 14:13, 8 March 2014 (UTC)

Magic Items list[edit]

Is that shit for fucking real, or is just joek?

"Philter of ___ Lust" pages 716 through 718. "Cloak of Self-Craving" page 722. I don't wish to make a SAN roll to go further. --NotBrandX (talk)
It's real, all right- some of them were taken from a version of the game slightly different from the linked one (although both had the "From Another Time Another Land" title). I didn't even get to the (weapon) of Sir Cockhammer. (It's basically a weapon that also functions like a torch, which would be normal if it didn't force you to introduce yourself as Sir Cockhammer, Duke of Chode.) Oh, and I'm going to post some of the spells shortly. Be prepared to lose a few more SAN points- luckily, I already lost all of mine a long time ago.--Newerfag (talk) 23:46, 31 January 2014 (UTC)
My brain is full of WAT and FUCK, and that's just the way I like it.--Boss Ballkrusha (talk) 22:50, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

Unsanitized cover[edit]

Does 1d4chan have some kind of anti-porn rule which prevents hosting an image of it? If so could we at least link to it? I am having trouble searching it out. What year did the original come out and how many years later was it replaced with the sanitized? Ty (talk) 10:52, 1 February 2016 (UTC)


Is there a forum dedicated to discussing this RPG? 05:12, 25 February 2016 (UTC)