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D&D Familiars[edit]

Instead of all these weird sections and subsections in different places for different familiars from different editions, how about we just create subheaders under the D&D section for each edition, then a list of the familiars for those editions under that subheader? We can still do an expanding list that way, but it's all organized better for the sake of the reader: you don't have to skip down to the familiar list for an edition, it's right there under that subheader. For example, you do the general "1st Edition" subheader, explain how familiars worked, then have the list of familiars available; wash, rinse, repeat for each edition.

Also, this may get skubby as fuck, but the notion that 3rd edition familiars are in any way "bad" is pretty objectively wrong. One of the most popular handbooks from the optimization forums is the Familiar's Handbook by Dictum Mortuum, which explains how familiars can be used in a number of very clever ways, not the least of which is activating items like wands to give you the equivalent of additional spellcasting actions each round. I do not necessarily say that familiars are superior to, say, animal companions (which are certainly better for raw physical combat), but there is more than enough evidence and logical argument on most of the popular forums/boards that 3rd edition familiars can be used for some mighty delicious cheese.

For the two reasons above, I intend to rework the D&D section significantly, specifically adding in some tidbits for 3rd edition.

Eisfalken (talk) 00:16, 30 November 2018 (UTC)