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Anyone has an idea on where to read all that is mentioned in this article? I would like to read the novels in which it is stated. -- 22:47, 3 June 2018 (UTC)

Psyker Bullshit[edit]

There's a few problems with claiming that he's possibly a psyker, firstly untrained psykers are extremely vulnerable to both the denizens of the warp (not just daemons) as well as other outside influences. Him being a psyker would not make him more immune to mind control, it would have the opposite effect and Imperial Psykers undergo procedures to limit the effect that others can have on their minds because of this. The next issue is that if he was a psyker, even a latent one, then other psykers would have been able to sense it since even when he's unknowingly using psychic powers, he's still using them and that can be detected. He'd also be pretty much fucked when he was fighting against the daemons, and when he destroyed the Gellar field in an Imperial ship, not to mention he'd be able to feel what the daemons are, and he cannot. -- Triacom (talk) 04:24, 7 April 2019 (UTC)

Old Farsight?[edit]

Where is the reference for Farsight getting his suit back from a museum?

It's been a while, but I'd guess it's probably in the old Farsight Enclaves supplement that came out, the really dumb one full of mistakes like allowing you to take Farsight as his own bodyguard and forcing you to bring Ethereals. -- Triacom (talk) 03:03, 3 February 2020 (UTC)

Later Rewrite[edit]

Someday we'll need to go over this page and separate it into various versions: before Phil Kelly got his hands on it; after he fucked everything up; after he fucked everything up again; and the newest version of fucking it up. How he manages to forget how his own plot points, weapons and characters work is beyond me, and I don't understand why he keeps rewriting the same events. I've never seen a writer retcon their own material this much with the exception of Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid series, and even then at least Hideo didn't outright forget several major plot points only a few pages after establishing them (or continuously pull new plot devices out of his ass throughout the exact same story without taking a break). -- Triacom (talk) 12:45, 8 August 2020 (UTC)

  • First thing first, should the Farsight Enclaves have its own entry?--Gilten (talk) 17:41, 10 August 2020 (UTC)
I've been wondering that too, and I think so. There's a lot that can be put on there and which this page shouldn't be saddled with. -- Triacom (talk) 17:52, 10 August 2020 (UTC)