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Edit War[edit]

Let's be honest, Gav's contributions are wide and varied. And we all know that blaming one designer for Codex errors is nonsense (they're collabs), so can stop edit wars and actually build something fun and funny? -AmbullFucker

Old codexes had one author. Yeah, he was not responsible for everything in the codex, like Ward isn't responsible for dreadknight. But you can't just show up and say that some people who sold their armies back in the day after codexes written by Thrope because they were not viable anymore are retards who "can't get over something that was 10 years ago". And the notion of BL issuing some memo encouraging made-up pronounces "because they're sci-fi" is ridiculous. Also, what is exactly the point of blanking the whole page twice?-- 19:32, 29 February 2020 (UTC)

Until an edit it read like one long angry screed on a single topic. Bit Meh, if we're honest, and Thorpe is Skub not Ward. Games Workshop books have been collaborative projects since Rogue Trader. I haven't just shown up, I've been editing BL pages on here for years.

Still being angry about a defunct codex is funny, it's a decent line, may need work. GW's business model of fucking up a good thing with a stupid rule so you have to buy more shit is a comedy goldmine, let's work with that.

Judging Thorpe on one bad codex is rather unfair. I mean if we're going to go into his games career, oh boy do we have our work cut out for us. He's written shit-tonne of stuff and the scale goes from genius to dickhead. Sometimes on the same page.

Multiple authors use the gender neutral terms and it's 'sci-fi' because those terms first appeared in sci-fi books back in the 80s; cf Storm Constantine for an off the cuff example but I'm sure there's more. (Don't look up Storm Constantine. Honestly. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Anyway, add to the funny, don't just 'undo'. Collab and build, and while you're at it, get a wacky log in so we can credit your hard work. -AmbullFucker


I'm confused, is there a complaint that the 4th edition Chaos codex is weaker than the 3rd, even though the 3rd had some major cheese lists? I know not having legion specific army lists is lame, but those rules allowed for an Obliterator spam in the Iron Warriors list. Actually, did anybody on this site ever use that, seeing as all the times everyone keeps complaining about cheese. And now I'm sure I'm going to flamed.


As a person who has read his novels from Black Library but doesn't yet play the tabletop game, would it be wrong of me to say this is a very "skub" topic? Seriously, someone should probably mark Gav's page with the skub tag. Thoughts, anyone?

While I know nothing about Gav in order to help with this[edit]

I feel like the person behind the current undo storm should /probably/ take up his issues with Thannak directly instead of being all paggro in the edit history. On that note, it's also worth saying that we're not exactly Wikipedia, and thus aren't exactly obligated to write "an actual article" - depending on what meets that subjective definition you might as well just remodel the entire wiki while you're at it. 20:04, 22 July 2017 (UTC)

Dark Angels Controversy[edit]

He has written written to date 13 Dark Angels novels not including his Dark Angels HH additions. The tone of his writing is cheesy and childish. His characters are noticeably unbelievable, stupid and unlikable. His stories arcs are admittedly no worse than the usual reproductions that BL authors cannibalize. The overarching complaint seeming to be that his artless tone and style is such a bad fit for The Dark Angels in particular as they are traditionally described as grim, taciturn and secretive and his Dark Angels characters can't ever seem to stop blabbing about inane shit that would be better suited to The Babysitters Club 40,000.

His writing isn't that bad his novel for 13th penal legion was good and the dark angels thing somewhat explained the relationship with the cypher.

The New C.S. Goto[edit]

With Imperator: Wraith of the Omnissiah, its pretty safe to say he has reached C.S. Goto levels. The book features: A Magos who happily admits they have replaced their entire brain with cybernetic (A.I.), claims that someone as augmented as them has no need for "human" gendered pronouns, claims that this is common among Magos, and has to have a Tributii explain a piece of technology to them; a Tributii that manages to "calm" a Magos' combat chassis (that is apparently built like a horse so the Magos can appear as a centaur) by putting her forehead to it (MLP: 40k!) and readily admits to committing serious tech-heresy (more on this later, also she is never punished and infact gets a promotion); an Inquisitor who infiltrates the Titan, gets the hell beaten out of him, his symbol of the Inquisition stolen, and upon getting it back he immediately runs up the nearest hereteks and demands they follow his orders (they vaporize him); multiple Tributii who admit to hacking into a Titan's machine spirit in order to feel what its like to be a Princep using a jeryrigged MIU which possession of alone is serious heresy (they are also unpunished for this); Imperial Guard who came aboard the Titan, never left even after this mission was over, and the crew just shrug their shoulders at them.; Securtaii (which Thorpe just calls Skitarii) are treated as easily reprogrammable automations.; a Princeps that just lets a Titan "be free" aka something that should have killed her; a Magos that is defeated when hit with a logic loop, as Thorpe treats them like automation as well (even directly implies that it is extremely difficult for a Magos to lie). the first time I have fully regretted buying a 40k novel. --TheNuclearSoldier (talk) 11:25, 21 August 2018 (UTC)