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Just one query on the combo listed here, isn't barren glory a normal enchantment (the old type 'global enchantment' in fact) rather than an aura?

It's a regular enchantment. [1] the mention of aura is because of Karn's Ultimate, which brings back all non-aura permanents to the battlefield under your control in the new game. In order for Barren Glory to win you the game it has to be the only permanent you control at the beginning of your upkeep (and you have to be hell bent, hence the mulligan to zero). So the Johnny (the player archetype that likes combos) wants any card(s) exiled by Karn, with the exception of a single Barren Glory to be: instants, sorceries, and/or auras. You can have non-Auras permanents that get can get rid of themselves or each other as long as that doesn't draw you any cards without getting rid of Barren Glory. (e.g. a Nantuko Husk can get rid of all of your creatures including itself), but if you do that you have to wait till your second turn to win. The combo can be broken in the new game even in the scenario on the main page admittedly if your opponent has something like: Gemstone Caverns, and Erase, and some random card in hand. But that is a highly improbable scenario. --Emerald Claw (talk) 00:44, 15 September 2015 (UTC)