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Walls of text need love too ;_; - Ahri 20:11, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Oh WOW, the slowpoke one was news for me, awsome!

Hmm, where's the "IT'S MY DAY OFF" one?

We need moar Kharn writefaggotry fa/tg/uys! LETS GET THE WHOLE /TG/ ON WORK. - Agouri

I tried adding the "DAY OFF" to the best that I could remember. If someone could find the original or make it better, feel free.

That deleted story was bad. And you should feel bad.

It wasn't that bad.

Your bad coz that story wasn't bad, since Kharn is never bad just a fun loving guy.

Edited the end of the WRATH OF KHARN. Almost tl;dr, BUT I FUCKING PERSEVERED! Changed the end from Kharn saying some weird shit about it being a great day or some nonsense, to: "Not his personal best, but still a good days work." Cause that's how you END THAT STORY. - Hueqort




Anyone want to figure out how to integrate greenmarines recent kharn sans mask picture?

Life doesn't get any better than this is how that official story ends. Why the fuck would you fag it up with your own personal bullshit?


Is there a source on Kharn being Jermanic?

No. It's in the HH novels, back before Angron was found. The guy training him is Jermanic, but Kharn's ethnicity is not brought up.

What's up with the bit about him being Russian/Uralic meaning he's Nordic? Wouldn't that make him ethnically Slavic or Finno-Uralic? And I guess his name is Arabic, but not actually a real Arab name (and it would apparently be pronounced Xorn, with the X being a gutteral Hhhuh sound, but who gives a shit)

Well, there's a fair bit of Nordic admixture in Slavic (Kievan Rus and all that), but the presence of Siberian would imply Turkic ancestry since Siberian basically means Northeastern Turkic. It could also potentially refer to Northwestern Turks also, since Siberian Tatars speak a Qipchak language.

Of course, that all only applies in Warhammer's fucked up futuristic world where Uralian apparently refers to Russia and Siberia, and not to the Finns, Magyars, Khant, Mari, Udmurt, Moksha and so on, you know, the guys who actually fucking speak an Uralic language.

Deleting the Swell guy stories[edit]

I don't know how I feel about this, I mean yea "wall of text, TLDR Hurr durr". If it all was put upon its own story page then I would be more than happy, but just straight up deleting it, there has to be a better way. NEVERMIND ME IM A BLIND RETARD - User:Rocko1345