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8th ed and linking?[edit]

This for 8th KT? Should we bring it to form and add it to the categories and such? Harakoni (talk) 04:55, 23 February 2020 (UTC)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):
It is for 8th edition, I’ve just been busy with all my other projects. If you wish to work on the page then I would greatly appreciate it. The angry marines in general need a lot more work doing to them to keep up with the various updates.
No worries, will make a few updates to try and bring it line with the current rules. Screw it, had a go at converting them to a chapter to bring them in line with the other chapters. This way as later units get added, you don't have to add every single weapon and statline, only the ones that are different to the base ones. Feel free to revert it if you disagree but it does make the whole page a lot cleaner and easier to implement Harakoni (talk) 10:49, 23 February 2020 (UTC)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): By all means, the angry marines in general is all open source, and for a long time it’s just been me working on them. As a whole they need a fresh perspective to work on them. That and I haven’t played much kill team, so I don’t have the same rules perspective.