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Wait, don't Polish Winged Hussars count as Demigryph Knights in the Empire?

I know WH fantasy is dead, but I want to change the first paragraph.[edit]

I mean I get from where people get the impression that Kislev is like Tsarist Russia with Polish flavour, but to me it looks like an amalgamation of Kievan Rus,Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania. So firstly Kislev is literally smacked on where would be the Baltic states, Poland and Belarus(If The Empire is the Holy Roman Empire that is), squeezed together. Secondly the story of establishment of Kislev. So it's inhabitants were originally tribal Untold, who if you look at their illustrations look like a mix between Tatars and Ruthenians, who were conquered by Gospodars, who's illustration shows them with both winged hussar armored, but also wolf and bear furs and even some symbols of a the ancient Romuva belief of the baltic. Also, Gospodars were forced to perform this conquests because of a strong enemy from the north, they conquered the lands of tribesmen and other smaller nations, just like Poles and Lithuanians expanded into lands of remnants of Kievan Rus and Golden horde, because they also were pushed from the north. In real world their enemy was Teutonic and Livonian orders, in Whfb it's the norse, but both forces battle to spread their belief. There is also the thing where proto-Kislev was established bye offshoots of Norse Kurgan tribes, just like Kievan Rus was established by offspring of Vikings. And later this Proto-Kislev was conquered by another group of people related to Norse tribes, just like how Lithuanians who are genetically similar to fino-ugric and Scandinavian people's conquered the Kievan Rus.

There are off-course holes in this idea, due to the fact that this world is very different from ours, but what do you think?

No, Kislev is based on Russia, when Kislev was created in the 1980s many of the countries did not simply exist and everything was considered RUSSIA. Not every country on Earth has a mirror in the warhammerworld. Bnfhjqw1212 (talk) 19:03, 23 April 2018 (UTC)