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how do i add a picture?

Is this fanfic or what?[edit]

I don't know where you even got half the fluff on this page, but most of it is not even close to what the canon actually says about the Knights of Blood. They were never falsely accused of anything- it was their tendency towards mass murder even with the Flaw taken into account that led to their excommunication by the High Lords of Terra, and the parts about their homeworld being destroyed and not having any apothecaries is completely made up as far as I can see. Do your research next time before you start gushing about your favorite Chapter. --Newerfag (talk) 18:53, 5 November 2014 (UTC)

I'm not sure where he's getting it from either. I was going to write a proper article with accurate information, but haven't had time to yet. I will probably write it within a few days at most. --StargateNerd (talk) - 23:08 05-11-2014