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Summary discussion[edit]

Legion I: The Knights of Justice, a Loyalist Legion dedicated to honour and high-intensity air-mobile assaults.

Legion II: The War Scribes, a Loyalist Legion famed for more scholarly pursuits.

Legion IV: The Sons of Fire, a Traitor Legion with a tendency towards pyromania and collateral damage.

Legion V: The Void Angels, a Loyalist Legion feared for its ruthlessness.

Legion VI: The Entombed, a Loyalist Legion doomed by its defective geneseed.

Legion VII: The Scions of Europa, a Loyalist Legion praised for its stubborn courage and flexibility.

Legion IX: The Lions Rampant, a Traitor Legion notorious for its excess and degeneracy.

Legion X: The Crusaders, a Loyalist Legion that knows only the inexorable advance to victory.

Legion XI: The Heralds of Hektor, the Arch-Traitor's Legion.

Legion XII: The Life Bringers, a Traitor Legion that commands terrible biological weaponry.

Legion XIII: The Children of Armok, a Traitor Legion gifted in the arts of deception.

Legion XIV: The Black Augurs, a Traitor Legion of sorcerers.

Legion XVI: The Eternal Zealots, a Traitor Legion whose merciful spirit led them into utter damnation.

Legion XVII: The Gorgers, a Traitor Legion that is really hungry.

Legion XVIII: The Sand Keepers, a Loyalist Legion of seers and prophets.

Legion XIX: The Eyes of the Emperor, a Loyalist Legion reviled for one act of cowardice.

Legion XX: The Iron Rangers, a Traitor Legion skilled in stealth and black operations.

Legion XXI: The Iron Assembly, a Traitor Legion with terminators and shouting.

Legion XXII: The Thunder Kings, a Loyalist Legion whose tribal ways were almost their undoing.

Legion XXIII: The Silver Cataphracts, a Loyalist Legion which never counts the cost.

Legion XXIV: The Mastodontii, a Traitor Legion scarcely seen without its heavy vehicles.

Legion XXV: The Scale Bearers, a Loyalist Legion strangely in tune with mighty reptiles.

Legion XXVI: The Steel Marshals, a Loyalist Legion of duelists and siege-masters.

Legion XXVII: The Stone Men, a Loyalist Legion of mysterious giants.

Legion XXVII: The Bulwark, a Traitor Legion renowned for its fortifications.

Legion XXIX: The Horns of Ruin, a Traitor Legion fierce enough to run through fire and stone.

I'm willing to write up a legion and contribute, but I'd rather write my own, then salvage what someone else has already written, if I can be given approval for someone's spots, I'll write a proposal