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Oh wow, this is one of the most uninformed articles I've read in a long time. Seriously, whoever wrote this DESPERATELY wanted to add stuff, but had no idea what to write, so he just threw stuff on it. Crisis Suit has BS3, S5, not BS4/S4, and only has WS2. Unless it is SOLELY how hard they are to kill, in which case, add Broadsides to TEQ, as they too have 2+ Sv. GEQ is even worse. Fire Warriors are equal to a Guardsman? Even going by the rules the author made, Fire Warriors don't fit in here. They have a +4sv, along with significantly better weaponry.-- 08:53, 19 September 2013 (UTC)

  • First off, they're general guidelines, not hard and fast rules that must be followed. Secondly, yes, it usually is based on solely on durability; to quote the page directly, "Usually the important part is how easy or hard they are to kill (Toughness, Wounds and armor save)." I wouldn't add the Broadside to TEQ, though, because they're on a significantly larger base and don't have an Invulnerable save. On a similar level, Crisis suits have T4, 1 Wound and a 3+ save. However, I agree that they could be removed because, like Broadsides, they are significantly larger (which makes a difference for LoS and cover saves). Finally, yes, you could argue that Fire Warriors are not GEQ, but, as MEQ was the original and GEQ was sorta tacked on later, the important part here is that they're harder to kill than Marines (note that they only have T 3). The real argument is Battle Sisters: they have T 3, but a 3+ save, so they're kinda in the middle. Dok (talk)


I'm wondering if the Trygon and Mawloc would be considered to be Knights. The Trygon has both Deep Strike and Fleet while the Mawloc is quite mobile due to its ability to tunnel everywhere. ilniaj

Pretty much any given Tyranid T6 MC could be considered a Knight, minus the mobility parts. Then again, Gork/Morkanauts aren't too mobile either, I don't think

Would a Chaos Lord on a bike with the Mark of Nurgle count as a Knight with his T6 and 3+ Sv? Tyrant

Marine Equivelent[edit]

Also, I'm wondering if Toughness 4, a save worse than 3+ and having 2 wounds would qualify something as a MEQ. ilniaj

  • I think a Nob with Ard armour would count as an MEQ Tyrant