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  • Maybe the Marines Malevolent are descended from the Iron Hands? They don't like the weak and say they deserve to suffer for it, though unlike the MMs they don't go out of their way to hurt their allies and civilians and the MMs don't seem to tech up too much.
I like to think the Malevolents are decended from the Imperial Fists.
Minotaurs were confirmed somewhere to be IH. MM wasn't touched upon, but they seem to be more World Eater than IH.
Mind citing that source for where Minotaurs were confirmed to be Iron Hands? I can't seem to find confirmation anywhere. -- Triacom (talk) 04:31, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

Maybe it's just Vinyar being the Arsehole and not the whole Chapter, the fluff is very weak and only represents two Companies of the Marines Malevolent.

Removal of Random Banter[edit]

  • Why remove the banter? IsnĀ“t that what sets 1d4chan articles apart from the other two wikis?

Phantoms vs Malevolents[edit]

Who won? The page says Star Phantoms, but the 40K wiki says the Star Phantoms were nearly annihilated by the MM.