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Page started 2nd July in response to a thread on the 1st. First army lists (Turian and Krogan, 1000pts) completed on 3rd July.
I take no responsibility for this project. We'll need continued interest and fresh ideas to keep it going, but we have a solid base. Let's make this game real.
- Probate, 3rd July


Why has Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill been condensed to a single stat?

It looks like melee combat isn't even a thing; honestly, I think Shepard was the only one using it in the games anyway.


Quarians aren't a citadel race, they are "tolerated" on the citadel, but definitively not a citadel race

Good point. However, which of the three categories do they belong in most? I suppose we could change pirates to 'vagabonds', but it seems more likely for Quarians to be fighting with the Citadel anyway.

Link Broken[edit]

The mediafire link at the bottom leads to a "file not found" page.