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I got the refference[edit]

Tim Wilson - He's my Brother in Law.

  • Another person here: the "point-blank annihilation" line is actually a reference, too - 8-Bit Theater. 08:07, 10 February 2017 (UTC)

I'm sure it's just a 4chan thing, but...[edit]

I don't understand how he could get away with such shenanigans. At a certain point if you're GM'ing and someone is messing with you just to break your game, I'd tell them to hit the bricks. Yeah it's crazy and all, but it ceases being fun for all involved if you start breaking the game and the other players die because of your craziness. I'm going to assume half of it is all made up, because some incidents are quite specific as well as giving him a positive outcome, or perhaps I've had intensely boring GM's in the past that don't allow folks to do half the stuff mentioned in his stories. I'm all for stories, but I seriously doubt half this stuff would actually happen in a real game. I mean, the C4 being wired to the Airbags in the Truck? That should've taken something like 5 skill check roles and about 6 turns to do, not sound extremely easy like he relays it here. Just smells like a huge fish story. But, eh, whatevs...

           --Or the GM was as much of an idiot as described.  Just because it wouldn't happen for you doesn't mean it wouldn't happen at all.


Is there really an Old Man Henderson movie being worked on? What's the source of this?

MP3 version of SoundCloud voiceover[edit]

I got bored one Sunday, and decided to rip it and share a downloadable version for you all.

Proof of Rules?[edit]

Trying to prove to a few friends that some of this stuff could actually happen in a game.

Namely, the whole summoning sickness thing, as well as Hastur's true enemy being capable of summoning the God by calling his name three times. Can anyone be of assistance and show me source material that says this is possible?

It could have been that the DM had just given up on stopping Henderson at that point and was just letting things fall as they would. With summoning Hastor, he probably put that there so Henderson could have a heroic epic ending and be out of the plot derailment business.

Just wondering - does anyone know if Eli Burning was ever released as a full story? And if so, where can I find it?