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Keep in the Biovore section?[edit]

The end of the article mentions how a Pyrovore can at least be used as an expy for the Biovore, but it has an image of the old model of the Biovore accompanying it. Is this an oversight on the writer's part or is the image wrong and should it show the most recent Biovore? - Biggus Berrus (talk) 18:20, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Mech vs Tyranids[edit]

If these guys exist, how come the Mechanicus were able to defeat a splinter fleet by scavenging useful stuff from expendable waves of cloned servitors and then grinding the nids down? Wouldn't that 1) be easy to the nids to counter and 2) just feed these guys?

  • Apparently, there were so little actual biomass from the servitors that the Nids eventually wasted more biomass than they could consume. Its a basic form on how the combating faction utilize its resources. The Nids spends a lot of precious biomass to create elite troops like Hive Tyrants and such, the AdMech don't, they only need some organic parts of a servitor for it to function. Furthermore, the AdMech have weapons that can cleanly vaporize these precious biomass, this includes a plethora of plasma, melta, phosphor, flamer and rad weapons. These weapons are every Nid's worst nightmare as they negate the recycling of these resources whilst at the same time, the AdMech lose not that much in return due to the case of Nids being unable to consume raw metal. Essentially speaking, the Nids only consume a small morsel whilst they lose 1 ton of precious biomass. You could say, "Why not spend just creating billions of cheaper biomass like Rippers and Termagaunts instead?" Well the answer is that the AdMech just have as much cloned servitors as they want and combat servitors are just better armed than these moving meatshields. Furthermore, these lesser tyranid creatures can only be led effectively by a leading synapse creature which cost more biomass than needed anyway. In a battle of attrition, the AdMech actually turned the Nids' relentless hunger for more biomass against them. The AdMech literally starved the Nids via resource fatigue. A genius move might I add. Derpysaurus

Put it in TF2 context[edit]

...dear god...