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No it is not... Actually yes it is.
you know what? It's skub. That entire thread KhorneFlake Manufacturer (talk) 16:40, 6 January 2014 (UTC)

Yes, it is very much necessary. Let the whole internet know of the glorious STIWTHR thread! The great Hue-Manatee demands it! CrazyCanadian24

You do know that no user called "CrazyCanadian24" exists here, right? And I doubt that we need a whole article for a thread that most of /tg/ has never even heard of. --

dtortor (talk) 23:33, 6 January 2014 (UTC)

The "So This is Where the Heretics Reside" thread now exists as a historical archive of combative roleplaying, bouts of insanity, free-range story offs, and other such nonsensical outbursts of returning participants. Started by some loyalist boaster jibbing the heretics in their dastardly lair within the forums. Kicked to Off-Topics by marauding Mods where it lumbered on as an established presence amongst the various lunatics ghosting the interwebs, precariously edging the limits of decency and copywrite infringement.

Who deleted the page without replacing it?

Was it you! Or you! Or perhaps you, yes it must be you. What sanity hast possessed you?

  • The administrator. You know, the guy who runs this wiki? Sorry, but your little circlejerk has no relevance to us.Newerfag (talk) 06:17, 14 June 2014 (UTC)

dtortor (talk) Since when has relevance been a factor? STIWTHR is a cornerpiece of Eternal Crusade, Newerfag, and a growing monument to the madness that so gathers there. At 50,000 posts and growing how darest thou deny its entry into the annals of irreverency.

  • No, it's not a cornerpiece at all- otherwise it wouldn't have been kicked to "Off-Topic" (aka "This is retarded but it doesn't technically break the rules"). It is a den of "LOL I'M SO RANDOM" nonsense that 99% of /tg/ couldn't possibly care less about, and your behavior here has done more to hurt your already shaky argument than help it. We neither need nor want your "madness" here (if pretending to be retarded for fun can even be called that), and continuing to push it on here will be no more successful than it was the last time you tried it. Don't believe me? Go ahead and start up a thread talking about it on /tg/ and see what happens. And if you have an issue with the article's deletion, tell the guy who actually deleted it here: User talk:AssistantWikifag Just don't expect much sympathy from him. --Newerfag (talk) 21:13, 18 June 2014 (UTC)

dtortor (talk)You're rather a cockbag, Newerfag. Your opinion has been noted, and thoroughly dismissed. Of what concern of yours is it if some random page pops up about a random topic, that is occasionally humorous, but often just allows a mild creative outlet. But hey, if talking down to strangers while playing admin tickles your nutsack, then who am I to judge?

I mean just look at the number of fucks I give.

  • Apparently so few that you couldn't even add your own file onto the page. But rather than stoop to your level, allow me to counter your argument with my own.

"Of what concern of yours is it if some random page pops up about a random topic, that is occasionally humorous, but often just allows a mild creative outlet."

While the definition of /tg/-related stuff is very lenient, the page wasn't even well-written enough to justify its existence. All you did is explain where it was and go on about how wacky and silly it is without explaining why anyone who isn't a part of it should even give a shit about its existence. I quote from the deletion log: "The thread wasn't really that great; even if it had been a /tg/ thread, there was nowhere near enough content in it to be archived here." If you want to remove the delete tag and make the page in earnest, then do so. Nobody here is stopping you, least of all me. --Newerfag (talk) 21:52, 20 June 2014 (UTC)

dtortor (talk) All I wrote was an opener, I assumed someone would come along in a bit and edit/add until it was better, I dropped a few jokes and was awaiting a counter post, as such I believed to be the nature of this site. The page is relevant in that it is the most active page on the forum, by far, and is one of the few pages where casual rp is mixed in with random instances, and that it is so large and undefined that it will continue to exist as chat room like setting into the perceivable future, along with the irrelevant or as you put "retarded" shit, it is also a place where players develop their backgrounds, exchange critique on homebrew additions, or other such things that could very well be relevant to RPing EC players down the line.

And come on now, we can see quite clearly that it was you who lowered it to the level of insulting immediately, don't try to bullshit me with feigned moral fortitude.

AssistantWikifag's opinion[edit]

I'd feel better about this page (and worse about having deleted it last time) if there were a /tg/ connection. This is a wiki dedicated to /tg/-related things, not other 40K forums (or forums dedicated to other tabletop games, but let's face it, /tg/'s origin as "Warhammer Wednesday" shows). As was said on Talk:Main Page, some of what interests /tg/ is not easily stored in an encyclopedia format, and random roleplaying threads are one of those topics, but a search of foolz indicates that the phrase "So Is This Where The Heretics Reside?" has actually never been used on /tg/. (Please don't start a "So Is This Where The Heretics Reside?" thread on /tg/ for the sole reason of proving me wrong -- though if you want to RP on /tg/ with a thread by that name, that's your call.) A wiki dedicated to the history and interests of the Eternal Crusade forum would be an appropriate place for documenting EC threads. If SITWTHR turns out to be a source of homebrews that /tg/ uses, for example, then making an article about it would be appropriate (much as we have articles about publishing companies like Games Workshop and TSR), but as things stand, why would /tg/ care what EC does? --AssistantWikifag (talk) 22:23, 21 June 2014 (UTC)

  • You've expressed my sentiments far better than I could. Sure, it may be funny and liked by a bunch of people on those forums, but if you asked anyone about it on /tg/ they'd have no idea what you're talking about. And from what I saw on the thread, it seems more like its heavy reliance on non sequiturs and running gags over actual content would make it more at home on /b/ instead of /tg/. Unless they create a homebrew that /tg/ is confirmed to use, its relevance to the wiki will remain tangential at best- certainly not enough to justify creating an entire article about it. It may remain as a "chat room-like" setting into the foreseeable future, but ask yourself a question- does it have any greater relevance to people who have never been a part of it? Dtortor, you have to look at it from an outsider's point of view- why should the average fa/tg/uy, who has never browsed the EC forums(and probably never will), care about it? Think of it as being like an in-joke- if you're one of its regular users it's the funniest thing ever, but to everyone else (i.e. us) it just looks kind of dumb. --Newerfag (talk) 04:44, 26 June 2014 (UTC)

dtortor (talk)I'm afraid I must once again start this on a sour note, but who are you and why the fuck was my edit section deleted? I was attempting to be civil and see if we could come up with a decent article before actually posting anything again. It appeared to me a perfectly reasonable compromise to keep any potential developing page in the talk section of this non-existent article.

Now I shall continue on the assumption that it was a computer error on my part that deleted the inconsequential outline that should have been no problem. The first problem is yes, not being a participant it is highly likely you simply observed a section and saw nothing in particular. The thread advances about 20 pages overnight, so on average 200 posts. On average, I've woken up and its gone 50-70 pages, my point being that if you read a modest 10 pages, or 100 posts, which for someone not involved would be understandable, you haven't really even begun to understand the thread. It is essentially a sandbox RP, one approximately 2 years away to being a part of Warhammer's first MMO where the multiple factions can interact in whatever way seems appropriate at the time, and I stand by my statement that it is a cornerstone of the forums. Albeit one hidden in the basement and neglected, it still constitutes a measurable percentage of overall posts.

Whether or not someone else remotely cares, it is a lumbering beast with no signs that it will stop, as when you accrue as many responses as this on an active forum, it is simply bound to continue its mostly (admittedly) irrelevant content for as long as the EC title remains active, and seeing as the game itself is a majorly potential cash cow for these guys, I put money on its continued existence for the conceivable future. It's not a destination or even something easily referenced, as anything of value is up to the person who posted themselves to save lest it be lost to the ever progressing tide of content, but a process. Forum members have already requisitioned their own site to keep it rolling in real-time, and that is actually wear it appears the more serious development takes place (but this is both a direct result and inter-related to the thread itself). All in all my main point is it has taken a life of its own, affects at least the people involved and a few degrees after, and is something that will continue to be a crucible of generated personal content. You guys don't talk to every player out there, and essentially every member is in the midst of creating things such as TT additions, storylines, thematic flavors, and/or their personal character for the upcoming game, all things that likely won't directly reference this thread, but will regardless have been at least partially been both developed and showcased there.

To conclude, it isn't an average forum thread and I think at the very least you shouldn't delete any further developing outlines posted here until they are ready to be criticized. It won't be soon and I won't actually post anything until it's at a final stage of development.

  • And as far as we are concerned, it's still just one more on a forum 99% of /tg/ users have no intention of ever looking at. Post it here if you wish, but keep in mind the chances of it being made into a full article are slim if you can't show compelling evidence that it is indeed relevant to us. The fact that it's been going on for a while is not important here, and those people who have supposedly been affected by it are conspicuously absent here, inasmuch as you have literally been the only person defending the article's existence. It can generate a shitload of content, but if none of it ever sees the light of day on /tg/ it may as well not exist as far as anyone there concerned. Hell, most /tg/ers are convinced the game will just flop because of all the pay2win crap and haven't even bothered signing up for the game.

You're angry, I can tell. But AssistantWikifag's made his decision and he is not likely to change it unless you can put up an extremely compelling argument to the contrary. As he said "why should /tg/ care about what EC does?" While I am convinced that it does have considerable importance to the Eternal Crusade forums, I still fail to see how the forums themselves should bear any relevance to /tg/. If you can prove otherwise to me, I will gladly retract all of my current criticisms and advertise your thread on /tg/ myself.--Newerfag (talk) 13:50, 28 June 2014 (UTC)