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Sounds like the person who wrote this is a dick.

Why? He was obviously getting ganged up on for no obvious reason (except that his fellow players knew/didn't know he was mocking Dumbledore) and from his description, the plot of the game sucked if it was relying so much on psionics and on one absurdly powerful boss. Also the GM shot himself in the foot when he wanted his characters overpowered and it went terribly right, now didn't he? -- 03:02, 28 August 2016 (UTC)

That being said, I'm not really impressed. This seems much like the other players' lack of creativity, intelligence and the ability to admit they're wrong/they were beaten than the writer's awesomeness. Yeah, he was prepared with his own realm and his cloning, so kudos for that, but really, not impressed. Good for him though to not let himself be put down by stupidity I guess. -- 03:02, 28 August 2016 (UTC)

Shouldn't this also be -1 full hendersons?[edit]

It meets the criteria and everything

Or 2 full Hendersons?[edit]

I'm not sure how this is a >2 Henderson event. In fact I'm not sure how >2 Hendersons is technically possible. At the end of the day, the GM can always just retcon the actions of the player out of existence and continue as though nothing has happened. It's still an incredibly impressive feat, finding that kind of hole in the way the world is created, but a retcon can always undo anything, unless we're going to get into arguments about pataphysics and paracausal forces, and I'm not nearly drunk enough for that. --Apache49 (talk) 14:21, 24 October 2019 (UTC)

Basically because the GM tried hitting the reset button three times and still failed because /tg/ kept the character/game alive afterwards. -- Triacom (talk) 14:59, 24 October 2019 (UTC)

Things that didn't happen.[edit]

This entire story.

Pretty sure no one would actually care if it was, though. --LGX-000 (talk) 07:18, 27 March 2019 (UTC)

I believe the appropiate reaction to "this never happen" comments is the old saying se non è vero, è ben trovato, "even if it's not good, it's still a good story". --Alumno Alumno (talk) 08:50, 27 March 2019 (UTC)

Meeting That Guy[edit]

So I met That Guy out in the wild after being introduced by some third parties who told me they knew him. He was nice but autistic. Among other things, he went on a rant about the light gets absorbed by different materials for a solid fifteen minutes before he was gently steered back down to Earth by people who clearly knew how to handle his brand of autism. I of course asked him if this story was true, and he said, "Mostly." I like to think it was true.