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Pretty stupid, why they dont use artifical intelligence for these? Like for their other constructs... lol:

  • I'd say it's because of how easy it is to use a lobotomized Warrior instead. Firslty, Warriors are mostly automatons, but they have some semblence of a mind and can therefor analyse and asses a situation better, where an AI isn't nececcarily geared to do exactly that. Secondly, normal Necrons and their Cryptek machines and robots aren't the same thing or made of the same exact material - The Necrons are, in fact, more complicated and advanced than the Cryptek machinery, as they can contain entire minds and rebuild themselves without any kind of action - It just does. Thirdly, in the grim derp of the far future, a Warrior is so much simpler and cheaper to put into a machine than making it work by itself by far. Most Necron Dynasties have an amazing amount of Warriors with less than a functioning mind left, so they might as well use them. On a lighter note, I like the design for how goofy it is. TheWiseDane (talk) 18:59, 7 September 2014 (UTC)