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Nemesis Quotes[edit]

Found some cool quotes from the HH book Nemesis that centeres around a Vindicare named Kell.

“Every Vindicare used a longrifle that was uniquely configured for their biomass,shooting style, body kinestics, even tailored to work with the rhythm in which theybreathed. When the Garantine had smashed Kell’s weapon into pieces out in the Aktick snows, it was like he had lost a part of himself; but there inside the case was a sniper rifle that resembled the very gun that had been his constant companion for years resembled it, but also transcended it. “Exitus,” he breathed, stooping to ran ahand over the flat, non-reflective surface of the barrel. Tariel indicated the individual components of the weapon. “Spectroscopicpolyimager scope. Carousel ammunition loader. Nitrogen coolant sheath. Whisper-head suppressor unit. Gyroscopic balance stabiliser.” He paused. “As much of your original weapon as possible was salvaged and reused in this one.” Kell nodded. He saw that the grip and part of the cheek-plate were worn in a waythat no newly-forged firearm could have been. As well as the longrifle, a pistol of similar design lay next to it on the velvet bedding of the weapon case. Lined up alongthe lid of the container were row after row of individual bullets, arranged in colour-coded groups. “Impressive. But I’ll need to sight it in.” ” Nemesis pgs. 220-221

The Scope,

“Tariel’s eyes narrowed. “How did you know when to fire?”“His weapon’s scope contains a lip-reading auspex,” Valdor answered for thesniper. “Your assignment was open-ended, I believe.”“I’ve been systematically terminating the raider gangs as I find them,” said Kell.“I still have work to do. And it makes good exercise.” ” Nemesis pg. 91

Sensors on the rifle,

“Microscopic sensor pits on the muzzle of the rifle fed information directly to hisspy mask, offering tolerance changes and detailing windage measurements. Heflicked down the bipod, settling the weapon. Kell let his training find the range forhim, compensating for bullet drop over distance, coriolis effect, attenuation for themoisture of the late rains still in the air, these and a dozen other variables. With care,he activated a link between his burst transmitter and the Lance. A new icon appeareda second later; the Lance was ready.” Nemesis pg. 369

On types of ammunition:

High velocity Splinter round,

“The marksman saw the blur of the assassin-creature as it ran; the thing hazed theair around it like waves of heat rising from a searing desert, making it hard to draw abead. His finger tensed on the trigger. There was a high-velocity Splinter round in the chamber on impact with an organic target it would fracture into millions of tiny hair-like fragments, each a charged piece of molly-wire. The wires would expand in asphere and rip through flesh and bone like a tornado of blades.” Nemesis pgs. 445-446

The heat-round (I don’t know if a name for it is ever mentioned),

“The round slammed into the meat of Spear’s shoulder and erupted in a blare of brilliant white fire; the hollow tip of the bullet was filled with a pressurised mixtureof phosphoron-thermic compound. On impact, it ignited with a fierce million-degreeheat that would burn even in the absence of oxygen.” Nemesis pg. 475

Solid-impact round and the stun-round,

“The Eversor charged again, and the rifle shouted. The first shot had been a kineticimpact round, the kind of bullet that could shatter the engine block of a hover track orreduce an unarmoured man to meat; that had been enough to attract the Garantine’sattention. The next shot whistled through the frigid air, blurring as it impacted theEversor’s chest. The round was a heavy dart, fashioned from high-density glassaic. Itcontained a reservoir of gel within, pressure-injected into the target’s flesh on impact;but it was not a drag or philtre. An Eversor’s body was a chemical hell of dozens of interacting combat medicines, and no poison, no sedative could have been enough toslow it. The gel-matter in the rounds was a myofluid with a very different function;when exposed to oxygen it created a powerful bioelectric charge, a single hit strongenough to stun an ogryn.” Nemesis pg. 145

The shield-breaker,

“The hammer falls. The single shot in the chamber is a .75 calibre bullet manufacturedon the Shenlong forge world to the exacting tolerances of the Clade Vindicare. Thepercussion cap is impacted, the propellant inside combusts. Exhaust gases funnel intothe pressure centre of a boat-tail round, projecting it down the nitrogen-cooled barrelat supersonic velocities. The sound of the discharge is swallowed by suppressionsystems that reduce the aural footprint of the weapon to a hollow cough. As the round leaves the barrel, the Exitus longrifle sends a signal to the Lance;the two weapons are in perfect synchrony. The Lance marshals its energy to expendit for the first and only time. It will burn itself out after one shot. The round crosses the distance in seconds, dropping in exactly the expected arctowards the figure in the plaza. Windage is nominal, and does not alter its course.Then, with a flash, the bullet strikes the force wall. Any conventional ballistic roundwould disintegrate at this moment; but the Exitus has fired a Shield-Breaker. Energised fragments imbued with anti-spinward quantum particles fracture theforce wall’s structure, and collapse it; but the barrier is on a cycling circuit and willreactivate in less than two-tenths of a second. It is not enough. The energy of the Lance follows the Shield-Breaker in as theforce wall falls; the Lance is a single-use X-ray laser, slaved to Kell’s rifle, to shootwhere he shoots. The stream of radiation converges on the exact same point, withnothing to stop it. The shot strikes the target in the throat, reducing flesh to atoms,superheating fluids into steam, boiling skin, vaporising bone. The only sound is the fall of the headless corpse as it crashes to the ground, bloodjetting across the white marble and the Warmaster’s shining mantle.” Nemesis pgs. 389-390

The shield the Shield-breaker was fired at- “The Callidus turned away, passing a measuring gaze over the nervous lines of PDF soldiers and the robed nobles standing back on the gleaming, sunlit steps of thegreat hall. Governor Nicran was there among them, waiting with every otherDagoneti for the storm that was about to break. Between them and the barriers, thefaint glitter of a force wall was visible with the naked eye, the pane of energy risinghigh in a cordon around the point of arrival. Nicran’s orders had been to place fieldgenerators all around the entrance to the hall, in case resistance fighters tried to takehis life or that of one of the turncoat nobles.” Nemesis pgs. 385-386

The other 2 ammo types from Codex Grey Knights are not mentioned in Nemesis (although to be fair, the Hellfire round would not be developped until 10,000 years later…).

On the Stealth Suit’s hiding capabilities (along with a cameleoline cloak):

“Where it had impacted, a chunk of walls and floors was missing, as if somethinghad taken a bite out of the building. Kell skirted the yawning gap that opened out to adrop of some fifty or more storeys and continued his climb. The fire-damaged levelsstank of seared plastic and burned flesh, but the thick, sticky ash that coated everysurface was dull and non-reflective an ideal backdrop to deaden Kell’s sensorprofile still further. He found the best spot in a room that had once been a communallaundry, and arranged his cameoline cloak between the heat-distorted frames of twochairs. Combined with the deadening qualities of his synskin stealthsuit, themarksman would be virtually invisible.” Nemesis pg. 366

(And since I stumbled upon it along the way, a note on the firepower of Grand Cruisers: “Every weapon in the battleship’s arsenal was prepared and oriented down at the surface, torpedo arrays filled with warshots that could atomise whole continents in a single strike, energy cannons capable of boiling off oceans, kinetic killers that could behead mountains through the brute force of their impact. ” Nemesis pg. 375

So yeah, Assassins are overpowered phags... --Anonymous