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Anon here tried to add some stuff. Every thing disapeared with no explanation. Too bad I guess. Hope it was all wrong.

Are you sure you saved it properly? There's nothing in the edit history, and any modifications are recorded there. -- Triacom (talk) 00:55, 22 July 2020 (UTC)
Same Anon here. You found it, nice! You did not take all( just the "morty love to flank" part), but i'm happy i could help.

Different Anon- I could have sworn I saw something last month about the Plague Sword having a cost of zero in 9e, compared to 3 points in 8th, but the description here says "at least it's cheap"? Just wondering if I was misinformed, or if the freebie version of the sword get errata'd out already?

It probably hasn't been updated on the main page yet. -- Triacom (talk) 08:33, 10 August 2020 (UTC)

9th Edition - Tactics discussion[edit]

Thought I'd get the ball rolling on some potential strats/synergies. Four points. 1. Do the forgeworld flyers have inexorable advance and spread contagions now? If so that might be worth mentioning. Excellent way to get contagions onto their back lines from turn 2 onwards, providing they live long enough. And always hitting on 3+ instead of 4+! 2. The Ferryman contagion on a rhino makes them an EXCELLENT roadblock, might be worth adding to the rhino's 'additional uses' bit. 3. One interesting use for the nerfed Supparating Plate might be to give it to a plague marine champion with the new strat, with the goal of tanking shots. +2 save on plague marines might save a few from dakka before he kicks the bucket. 4. Can you pop the smokescreen strat when a <smokescreen> unit is chosen to be shot at, since it just says 'shooting phase'? - Anon 17:33, 24 January 2021 (GMT)

1. The fliers do not have Contagions of Nurgle as is, but they do get the <Plague Company> keyword (per Dec 2020 errata), which makes them eligble for the Flash Outbreak stratagem, which gives a selected <Plague Company> unit all Contagions from every other <Plague Company> unit until the next Command phase.
2. Agreed on the uses of the Rhino. After debarking, run it into the target of choice and use Flash Outbreak to get a similar effect as the fliers. Also useful for Inexorable (-1 AP) and Mortarion's Anvil (turns of rerolls, prevents Overwatch in the aura range; that last one makes charging the Rhino slightly safer).
3. There's a trade-off: For the save to be useful, you need to nominate your Champion to be the first target of every attack, increasing the chances of him dying; He is normally useful for the LD and better close-combat (and the plasma gun, if you chose that). I like the concept, though.
4. It says that in the strat: In the shooting phase, when it is selected as the target of an attack. Anon 12:22, 26 January 2021 (UTC)

Move to 9th Edition - Copy and Paste Problems[edit]

The subject says it all really - There are a lot of problems here that need resolving due to the copy and paste - Every section really needs looking at..

Feel free to help instead of complaining about it. It's a user-made wiki and it takes time to update it for the new edition. -- Triacom (talk) 21:49, 10 August 2020 (UTC)
I think they are just trying to get more people to do it, though that shouldnt be a problem since Death Guard is obviously gonna get some attention. FatherRat (talk) 21:30, 11 August 2020 (UTC)

Demon Prince Removal[edit]

It appears that the generic Demon Prince option has been removed entirely as an option from the 9th edition codex and replaced with the Death Guard Demon Prince. Can anyone confirm that the 8th edition index version is now officially invalid? Is it ok to remove mention of this from the HQ section?

I imagine this was more a matter of interchangeable leeway with compatibility between the DG and CSM codices. Since the CSM codex is still not here yet and there are certain rules keywords (Lord of the Death Guard, Bubonic Astartes, Plague Company) that no longer make such things viable anymore, I'd agree with scrubbing the CSM daemon prince. Also, don't forget the signature

ThatOneBruvva (talk) 20:40, 17 January 2021 (UTC)

9th edition codex[edit]

Since I have few spare time, I'd like to give links for the new codex for updating the page.

These are official because GW gave them a book for the review

Plague Skull Math[edit]

Just for the record, I added some math about the Plague Skull relic. Ran 100,000 trials of seven dice throws each, rolling a d3 on 6's, and collected the amount of wounds dealt for each trial. 88.74% of the trials had at least 4 wounds, while 19.68% had 8 wounds or more. Anon 15:23, 26 January 2021 (UTC)