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Jump to: navigation, search it true? is mark strong really the voice of captain titus ? we havent even seen him that much, and his only line so far is "our plan is unchanged" (found in the space marine dev diary#1). is thegenericguardsman just being too hasty? what if he might have made a mistake ? if anybody knows about this, please tell me. thanx.


Does it not excite you that Mark Strong voices Titus ?! I know I Am ! I just love love love love love Mark Strong ! He's my 3rd most favorite actor in the world ! His role as a space marine makes has made go batshit INSANE !!! WHY CANT THIS GAME FINISH FASTER ?! Oh dear God, I really need this game NOW !!!........................ok overacting, sorry. I know its only 3 months left to go but................FUCKING MARK MOTHERFUCKING STRONG !!!!

- thegenericguardsman

FUCKING MARK MOTHERFUCKING STRONG DAMN IT !!!!!!! Makes you want to masturbate when looking at this picture, huh? God, Mark strong is Hot!

ok, while its okay to like somebody, especially since mark strong is quite a good actor, your clearly turning your obession into ridiculously funny levels. you might get trolled for that.


Strong is pretty cool space marine, Is not a hairatic and even has his own cult. He also doesnt afraid of anything.

Ellena Derosa was a guardswoman? Governers can be guardswomen? Also, I took out all the poorly written, speculated bits. I hope that's alright. Also, the gameplay section claims you're a 200 year veteran, while the characters section says that you play as the squad's newest member or something. Which one is it? Munch munch 05:46, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

Where did you guys find the information about Lt Miranda and the Inquisitor?

It mentions the Lieutenant and Inquisitor in issue 52.

"You are Captain Titus"

How do we know it's a Chaos Termy Sorceror?

It's probably a little late to ask this, but why is Mira named Miranda Nero here when she's consistently called Mira throughout the game? Is the name from the audio logs or something? I never listened to them.

I just noticed something awesome: the way Titus stands. His body is almost sideways to the enemy, and he sights down that side. It's even more apparent when he's aiming with the bolt pistol. My guess is that was Relic's attempt to make sense of PAULDRONS: standing sideways lets the pauldrons absorb the bulk of enemy fire coming at the upper body, and their rounded shape causes bullets to deflect to the side. As a bonus their shininess probably deflects flashlights as well!