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Editing Talk: Warhammer Fantasy Battle[edit]

DM here, i would like to remove some of the stuff in the opening paragraph, mostly about the "snot nosed 13 year olds" mostly becasue i was a "snot nosed 13 year old" when i started playing Warhammer Fantasy, and i know several nice young people who have well painted army's who play Warhammer Fantasy as well as other games.


No objections here; I see what the goal was and I don't think it necessarily meant to insult the few 13-year-olds who are actually pretty good at all this. I don't think it really came together well though. -Dok

Older Special Characters[edit]

Just wondering if it would be possible to get any more information about older Warhammer Fantasy special characters or factions (for example; I remember there was this old Chaos Champion of Slannesh called Delchala, anything about her out there?) Any added facts or articles for fantasy would be great.



I left the "snot nosed 13 year olds" comment when I made edits since it seemed to just be a joke about the 40k fanbase rather than a judgement, but perhaps a jab at how 40k fans tend to prefer things a bit darker in tone would be better. "grimdork tryhards" perhaps? Maybe some subtle implication that they're people who play FATAL in their spare time? Of course, worded comedically so as to not encourage a 40k fan editor to come along and desecrate the Fantasy page in retribution.

As for older characters, if you find out information about them or remember something about them then simply make a blank area where they would be described, or make a link to a page for them that doesn't exist for others to come and make.

Don’t ruin the joke man