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2E/3E: Three golden amber teardrops on a purple equilateral triangle with point upward
5E: Three teardrops in a triangle
Aliases Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, Mother of all Plagues, The Plague-crone
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Disease, Poison
Domains 3E: Blightbringer, Chaos, Destruction, Envy, Evil, Suffering
4E: Destruction, Poison
5E: Death
Home Plane Great Wheel: Palace of Poison Tears (Carceri)
World Tree / World Axis: Palace of Poison Tears (Banehold)
Worshippers Assassins, druids, healers, rogues, the diseased and ill
Favoured Weapon A scabrous hand (unarmed strike)
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Talona is the Goddess of Poison and Disease in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Ed Greenwood has stated that, like Loviatar, Talona was inspired by the Finnish pantheon's presence in the Deities & Demigods Cyclopedia for OD&D, and she was based upon Kiputytto, a Finnish Goddess of Disease. Perhaps in homage of this, old lore for Talona claims that Kiputytto was a rival disease-goddess that challenged Talona, lost, and was slain by her for the affront.

in addition to praying to her to befoul, one can pray for her to grant protection from her Portfolio, with rituals involving three drops of blood or three tears onto the infected object of question.

She has few cults or shrines, but some priests or temples might be dedicated to her after surviving from pestilence.

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