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Aliases Her Beneficence, Her Mercy
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
5E: Greatwyrm
Pantheon Draconic
Portfolio Life, Light, Mercy
Domains Dragon, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun, Family
Home Plane Elysium
Worshippers Good Dragons, Healers, Mercy-Seekers
Favoured Weapon Scimitar, claw

Tamara is the Dragon Goddess of Healing and Compassion in Dungeons & Dragons. Appearing as a luminously beautiful female Silver Dragon whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun, she is the kindest and most benevolent of the draconic deities. Those who mistake this for weakness don't make the same error twice.

Tamara believes in the sanctity of mercy, both in life and in dead. She heals the sick and tends to the injured, but also offers a merciful end to those who wish for their lives to end, most commonly dragons who are withering under the weight of ages. Yeah, that's right, she's a good-aligned goddess of euthanasia. She fiercely detests those who artificially prolong the life of a dragon, particularly against that dragon's will, and that means she hates both dracoliches and their patron god, Falazure.

She isn't much impressed with those who prolong the suffering of any race, in all honesty, but she is particularly concerned with dragons.

This enmity for the undead and hatred of cruelty means that Tamara is a close ally to Pelor, but counts Hextor, Nerull and Erythnul as her enemies.

Tamara's clerics serve as healers, but also as warriors; they are destroyers of the undead and enemies to those who promote evil or tyranny. Any force of pain, suffering and cruelty is opposed, but her clerics are most commonly seen seeking to destroy the undead and to battle necromancers, especially draconic versions.

The temples of Tamara double as hospitals, infirmaries and hospices where the sick are welcome. Here, the severely or terminally ill are cared for with dignity and respect; should they pass on, this is greeted as good news, for Tamarans see this as a merciful escape from the cares of this life.. Prayers to Tamara have joyous, uplifting cadences and are often melodious paens to light and life. Tamarans celebrate births, returns to life, and final deaths with joy, as they are all opportunities to reflect upon and praise their goddess's generosity, mercy and peace.

In 5th edition, she's no longer a deity but a Greatwyrm, an exceptionally powerful dragon that exists on multiple parallel realities simultaneously and is able to communicate with her alternate selves to some degree.

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