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A yellow circle on a pale blue field
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Desert life, the sands, wisdom
Domains Air, Animal, Earth, Good, Knowledge, Law
Home Plane Mithril Heaven
Worshippers Desert dwellers, nomads, the Tamulqawid
Favoured Weapon Dunestaff (Quarterstaff)

Tamul, also called Old Man of the Desert, is the demigod of desert life and animals. He's supposedly the son of Corean.


In Ghelspad, Tamul is depicted as an old man dressed in the traditional garb of the Ukrudan tribesmen. In Asherak, he's depicted as a camel-headed man with wise eyes, wearing a long desert robe, and carrying a tall and gnarled staff.


Tamul resides in the Mithril Heaven, wandering the realm from one place to another. He actually prefer the burning deserts of Scarn to the divine realm, seeing it as too lush and well provided, but is nevertheless grateful to Corean for allowing him to stay there during and after the Divine War.


In Ghelspad, the desert dwelling Ukrudan, along with some nomads in arid regions, worship Old Man of the Desert as the protector of animals. In Asherak, he's mainly worshipped by the Tamulqawid, a group of tribes whose members claim descent from the demigod and worship him exclusively.

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