Tank Commander

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Notice me Pask Senpaiiiii....

Tank Commanders are Imperial Guard officers who lead formations of Battle Tanks. The most famous of which is Knight Commander Pask who is a godsend for many Guard players as his attributes can turn a Chimera into an engine of Rape.


A Tank Commander rides to battle in a Leman Russ Battle Tank. They typically lead a squadron of Leman Russ tanks into battle as their long term experience and skill often lead these tanks into tactical victory. To be a commander of Tanks you both need the aforementioned experience and a good handing of tactical genius. These grizzled men are virtually one with their machine, possessing an implicit knowledge of armored warfare in all its forms. Granted their pick of the armoured fighting vehicles available to their regiment, they are further entitled to pick their crew from the finest veterans. The average Tank Commander is therefore a veteran and ace that means SRZ BUZYNZZ, heading up a crew of the very best their regiment has to offer.

These veteran armour commanders will often be assigned temporary leadership of infantry or artillery assets.

Notable Imperial Guard Tank Commanders[edit]

  • Dymetrin
  • Maximillian Weisemann
  • Pask - Of course the most famous one of all of them. Can turn your most basic tank into a unholy rape machine.
  • Silas Ovik
  • Kabe - AKA Kabe the Babe.
  • Tulathan - Vastadt 4th Independent Tank Regiment.
  • Kastock - Commands the Leman Russ, Kasr's Vengeance and his Regiment defends the Imperium world Calder's Reach.
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