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Tankred endures!

Tankred is a SPESS MEHREEN from the 40K Comic Damnation Crusade who, due to horrific injuries, must spend all his time in the metal shell of a Dreadnought. He is a member of the Black Templars. Originally a feral tribesmen named Raclaw, he took up the last name of his first mentor, Brunner Gerhart, after the latter got killed by Eldar. After being mortally wounded while slaughtering a mob of Chaos Space Marines, his second mentor, Tove Skeld, had him placed in a Dreadnought on account of his martial skill and zeal. His endurance is legendary. He has been seen together with Fenix and has a rivalry with Grandfather Dreadnought. Fun fact: Tankred probably comes from the Germanic name "Tancred," which means "well thought-out advice," and was, appropriately enough for a Black Templar, the name of a Norman leader during the First Crusade, Tancred, Prince of Galilee. Tankred is (subtly) mentioned in Imperial Armour 2's recent revision as Ancient Tahncred.

Donovan, a Chaos Dreadnought working for the Iron Warriors, has repeatedly claimed to be the superior Dreadnought, but in every confrontation between the two thus far, Tankred has won by default.

Fan Fics where Tankred PWNS[edit]


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