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The Tantalus is the Raider's bigger brother and the only Super-Heavy gravtank of the Dark Eldar. The Tantalus was first bought up and crafted by Archon Surasis Grief of the Kabal of the Dark Mirror. The Tantalus is first and foremost an assault skimmer that is somewhat larger and more complex in design than its much smaller brethren.

Its larger size consequently means it has a larger armament. Its distinctive catamaran design houses powerful engine-reactors slaved to enhanced drives and its unique scythevane armament that wrecks both infantry and vehicles alike.

It is by far one of the largest Dark Eldar vehicles yet encountered by the Imperium (Rivaling the Scorpion in length) and the pilot of the Tantalus takes delight in mounting high-speed attacks, slicing through the hulls of enemy vehicles and tearing infantry into crimson shreds, heralded by the screech of the molecular dissonance fields of its scythevanes.

The Tantalus is armed with the iconic scythevanes to chop up some blobs of infantry as well as a giant Pulse-Disintegrator armament for those pesky tanks. The Tantalus was once a unique craft, but after the death of Surasis Grief it was copied and sold to other Kabals.

  • Length: 17m; approx
  • Mass: 50-55 tonnes; approx
  • Crew: 3-4 crew including 16 Dark Eldar
  • Max Speed: 300 kph; approx


The only Drukhari ground vehicle that counts as a Superheavy. 18 Wounds at T7 and 3+ armor is insane for the faction's standards of the typical wet cardboard armor. Two pulse disintegrators fire a total of 12 shots at 36" range, with S8 AP-3 D2. In close combat, it's got 6 S8 AP-2 attacks which hit at 4+, and on the charge it inflicts D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ roll to any enemy units within 1". Assault units BEWARE, this is one Superheavy tank you do not want to fuck with at close range.

When the Tantalus Advances, you simply double its movement value. Combine that with open-topped transport capacity of 16 (works the same as a Raider's) and the ability to grant the embarked Warlord's Leadership to all friendly LoS units (except for those in cover, for some reason) to complete the most powerful model in the army. The price for that is your wallet, your soul, and a points cost that exceeds 3 Disintegrator Ravagers. Given its size, strength, and points cost, the Tantalus is a prime target for heavy enemy firepower. Using the Lightning-Fast Reactions stratagem on it may well be the difference between being reduced to a smouldering wreck or laughing in the face of that unlucky Shadowsword gunner.

Oh yeah, and did we forget that this awesome boat can still transport your Scourges and Hellions and protect them from fire, and give your Scourges a second deployment option to boot. 12 Dark Lances plus the 12 total shots from the main gun is about as Dark Eldar as you're going to get. And with that volume of fire, you stop caring about the -1 to hit if you have to move too.

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