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Black executioner's axe
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Eternal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Justice, just vengeance, law, order, truth
Domains Energy, Law, Strength, Justice, Vengeance
Home Plane Arvenna (Celestia)
Worshippers Lawyers, just vengeance-seekers, guards, nobility
Favoured Weapon Battleaxe

Tarastia, also called Pax Bellanica and The Judge, is the Immortal of revenge and justice.


Tarastia was originally a cleric of one of the many Jennite tribes in the continent of Skothar. She left her tribe in exile, after having been abused and offended by her tribes chieftain, upon whom she took revenge. Afterwards, she gained power and knowledge, eventually allowing her to reach Immortality with sponsorship from Ixion.

After ascending, she took some of the Jennites that followed her ways and traditions into the Hollow World, whilst the others fought until their civilization and culture was destroyed. Another time, she took the form of Valentia, and became the first empress of Thyatis, and esteblished the rules and laws that are still used in the land.


Tarastia appears as dusky-skinned, serious-looking woman with a strong jawline in black plate armor, carrying her symbol, an executioner's axe.


Tarastia is always willing to help others pursue just vengeance, declining to help those who seek revenge for slights or inconsequential matters, or if they seek inflict a vengeance worse than the original offense. She has few long-term allies, with her only friend being Diulanna. She dislikes Immortals like Alphatia and Koryis for their pacifistic ways, but doesn't hate them. Her only enemies are the Immortals of Entropy, especially Jammudaru, who promotes the pursuit of senseless revenge.

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