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Tareks are an orc-like race native to the Dark Sun setting of Dungeons & Dragons. They are a deeply spiritual but physically imposing, almost ape-like race who live in secluded tribes in the mountainous regions of Athas. Like many Athasian races, they absolutely loathe and fear arcane magic, and thusly have an intense dislike of elves, but they have a deep respect for priestly magic, and are themselves led by priests of elemental earth.

Like the Ssurran, they were introduced in the "Terrors Beyond Tyr" splatbook, the second Monstrous Compendium for Dark Sun, and they are subtly implied to be descended from orcs that escaped the Cleansing Wars and evolved to survive the harsh new environment. Also like Ssurrans, despite being perfectly suited for it, they never received PC writeups, although in 4th edition at least, the half-orc statblock could reasonably stand in for them.

Read their Monster Manual write-up here: http://www.mojobob.com/roleplay/monstrousmanual/t/tarek.html