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Tarkir is a plane based off a variety of cultures across Asia. If some of this information seems inconsistent (e.g. 2 seemingly mutually exclusive events, or tenses seemed mixed up), that is probably because WotC R&D decided to go with a time travel approach. The time paradox directly and drastically effects this plane (and will later effect other planes after where the pre-Fate Reforged time line was). However not as drastic one would think given the difference of a world shaping event and 1,200 years thereafter (e.g. the clan leaders, such as Zurgo, still exist in Dragons of Tarkir, though not in quite the same form).


This is Sarkhan Vol's place of birth. Wasn't really tied to Tarkir after... his spark ignited and received dishonorable discharge. It is also home to Ugin. It was also the place of the Pre-Mending battle between Ugin and Nicol Bolas. In the Dragons of Tarkir timeline, Narset's spark ignites.

Clans (Mainly Khans of Tarkir stuff)[edit]


Each clan (in Khans of Tarkir) is a wedge. A wedge, in mtg, is a color combination of a color and its 2 enemies. The clans were centered in a single color, and also include one of that color's allies and one of its enemies. In the mana cost of the wedge cards, the color the clan is primarily based around is to the left. The middle color is the enemy of both remaining colors to emphasize in Triple Khans draft (which aren't really being done anymore), its much more flexible to go into 2 enemy colors first instead of 2 allied colors first. The last color is simply the remaining color. The first word of the clans is sometimes used to describe a decks color, regardless of if it actually matches it's clan's theme (e.g. an Abzan deck is any WBG deck).

Clans of Tarkir
Abzan Houses
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Mana White.png Mana Black.png Mana Green.png
Jeskai Way
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Mana Blue.png Mana Red.png Mana White.png
Sultai Brood
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Mana Black.png Mana Green.png Mana Blue.png
Mardu Horde
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Mana Red.png Mana White.png Mana Black.png
Temur Frontier
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Mana Green.png Mana Blue.png Mana Red.png

Tarkir was dominated by five clans: Abzan, Jeskai, Sultai, Mardu, and Temur. Each clan fought primarily against a dragon and its brood, and came to worship a prominent aspect of their respective former enemy. Although early on in the block it seemed like all dragons shared these attributes and each clan was worshiping a a virtue of "the dragon".

Abzan chose endurance, symbolized by a dragon's scale. They built their society on communal magic and family ties, and the ability to outlast and endure harm. Their architecture and desert dwellings suggest Middle Eastern influence.

Jeskai chose cunning, symbolized by a dragon's eye. Their society included a large number of monks, martial artists, and sages, and valued self-improvement. They are inspired by Chinese Shaolin monks.

Sultai chose ruthlessness, symbolized by a dragon's fang. This clan is dominated by necromancers, both human and otherwise, and developed many creative ways to make use of dead people and things. Their Nagas and Rakshasas are taken from Indian culture.

Mardu chose speed, symbolized by a dragon's wings. These people have a stereotypically Mongolian image, being made up of nomadic communities that make extensive use of horse archers and lightning raids on other territories.

Temur chose savagery, symbolized by a dragon's claws. This clan deliberately seeks out Siberia-like hostile arctic environments and lives in a survivalist manner (but with shamanic magic and such).

Here There Be Dragons (mainly Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir stuff)[edit]

After Sarkhan Vol's wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey actions in Fate Reforged, the situation as depicted in Khans of Tarkir is no longer current. A number of things changed as a result of his intervention, but many of the fundamentals are the same in Dragons of Tarkir - there are still five clans, but the world is now dominated by dragons instead of by humanoids.

The Legendary Dragons that lead the broods are the same color combination as the clan they oppose except they are missing the enemy color. Also the order of the 2 remaining colors in the mana cost is the opposite, so the main color is on the right this time, not the left. By the time Dragons of Tarkir comes out, the "clans" are going to be led by dragons, instead of Khans. The dragons leading the clans are called Dragonlords, and have the elder creature subtype. The reason clans was in quotation marks is at least one of the dragons (Ojutai) decided to outlaw that word. Also at least 4 of them decided to outlaw the word "Khan" (possible exception Atarka). Atarka seems to be leaning towards a hands off approach towards the Temur, provided they continue to pay tribute (ie. get her food). Otherwise, the clans are fairly similar in many ways; there's still one based on martial arts and self-improvement, one that's an undead dystopia, etc.

Ojutai: The Blue/White leader of the former Jeskai clan (now devoid of Red). His brood is caracterised by slim, blue/white bodies, an icy weapon-breath and are treated as sages by non-dragon members of his clan, all of which are subject to a severe case of "Notice-me Dragon-senpai!". While he is far from your archetypal dragon tyrant in that he is more calm and patient than most dragons, he still holds a firm grip on his people thanks to peer pressure and has been known to do things out of spite, including freezing people to death. His clan trains their bodies and mind like warrior monks, tuning them into deadly weapons like the Jeskai did, only this time the dragons are the "best" teachers.

Dromoka: The Green/White leader of the former Abzan clan, she is the biggest dragon mommy you could imagine in a brood of flying ankylosaur-like monsters (Did I also mention that they breath a seering beam of light from their mouth?). While she thinks of non-dragon members of her clan as members of her family, she and the rest of her brood will obliterate anyone who dares to meddle with necromancy of any kind (that includes the "Call your ancestors' spirits to help you in battle" type that was used by the Abzan before she took over). Appart from that, she isn't the worst leader you could imagine and she will reward anybody who does good for her clan, whatever their species.

Kolaghan: The Red/Black "leader" of the former Mardu clan. She doesn't really lead per say since she doesn't give any orders to anyone. Rather she does what she likes, when she likes (generally that includes going somewhere, finding something or someone to anihilate using her speed and weapon-breath and enjoying the ensuing carnage she caused) and people will follow her, imitating her lawless attitude by launching raids wherever there is stuff to still and blood to spill. In her clan, the strong take what they want, when they want, and hierachy is most often decided by whoever can be the quickest and strongest in a fight. The dragons of her brood are slim, swift and deadly thanks to their 4 wings and lighting-breath, and the non-dragons members are so kin to imitate them that they will try to harness the lightning from the dragons' breath to imbue their weapons.

Atarka: The Red/Green leader of the former Temur clan. She is a massive flying fire-breathing beast with antlers and fur, and most of the dragons in her brood follow the same activity pattern as her: Hunt, feast, sleep, then do it again. Often they demand from the non-dragon members of the clan to bring tributes to them (understand lots of meat) in order to satisfy their hunger, not particularly hesitant to gobble up a few of their own if they can't find enough food (that includes weaker dragons). Because the weaker members of the clan tend to end up on the menu, her clan embodies the "survival of the fittest" mentality to the max, each member a deadly warrior or beast able to fight and hunt in the harshest of conditions.

Silumgar: The Blue/Black leader of the former Sultai clan. His brood is caracterised by bodies ressembling these of snakes, although shorter and larger in proportions, leathery wings, long fangs that protudes out of their jaws and a deadly breath attack (either a toxic gas or a stream of acid). They are the de facto lords of their clans, hoarding all the valuables they can in true Smaug-style and amassing all the power and influence they can. Silmgar himself, being the smartest, cruelest, wealthiest and oldest of his brood, is pretty much a tyrant that makes sure all his servants are constantly at war with each other so they won't be able to overthrow him, and then raises their bodies as undead to become more powerful.

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