Tarsellis Meunniduin

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Tarsellis Meunniduin
2E: A snowcapped mountain
5E: A mountain with a river
Aliases Lord of the Mountains, Patron of the Snow Elves
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Seldarine
Portfolio Mountains, Rivers, Snow Elves, Wild Places
Domains 2E: Animal, Chaos, Earth, Water, Healing
5E: Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Great Wheel: The Wild Hunt (Ysgard)
Worshippers Snow Elves, Mountain survivalists, Rangers
Favoured Weapon Spear

Tarsellis is the patron deity of the Snow Elves, detailed in Dragon Magazine #155, which is where his chosen race and he himself debuted.

He is a member of the Seldarine in a loose sense, because he does not get on with many of them and does not answer to their master Corellon. Part of this may be due to a falling out he had with Solonor Thelandira; considering they were already rivals due to the fact they were patrons of hunters, the story goes that in the early eons they got into an argument over the courtship of Hanali Celanil, which drove a wedge between them. Other stories claim the argument was over Araushnee before her exile from the Seldarine, which if true might also imply he may have considered Corellon himself to be a rival.

If that is not enough, Tarsellis also considers Rillifane Rallathil to be a rival by claiming dominion over those forests which grow on mountains.

He spends much of his time wandering between Vanaheim and Elfheim in Ysgard.

His church is small and is decentralised over different areas where they watch over Snow Elf communities. In fact Rangers tend to hold more authority in more "civilized" regions, leaving Clerics (or Druids) to tend the shrines in the mountain passes.

In Dragon #155, it's stated that he used to be suitor to a "beautiful but dark" goddess named Megwandir - when she turned into Lolth, it imbued Tarsellis with a deep and abiding hatred for her and her drow followers, especially due to how the snow elves were renounced by elven society due to having been duped (or so they claim) by the drow during a key battle.

Rellavar Danuvien[edit]

Rellavar Danuvien
2E: A silver spear with a white circle to either side
5E: A spear between two circles
Aliases Warder Against Elements
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Seldarine
Portfolio 2E: Frost Sprites, Protection from the elements
5E: Winter, Harsh Weather
Domains 2E: Animal, Charm, Divination, Healing, Protection
5E: Tempest
Home Plane Great Wheel: Karasuthra (Beastlands)
Worshippers Snow Elves, Rangers, Paladins
Favoured Weapon Spear

Rellavar used to serve Tarsellis but was a friend of Solonor Thelandira, meaning his relationship with his master inevitably became strained. Eventually leading them to split with each other, although they still have overlapping portfolios.

Rellavar is the god of protection against cold and is opposed to Auril and Surtr (although the Dragon magazine article probably meant Thrym).

He is friends with Erevan Ilesere due to their shared association with faerie creatures, although he respects Erevan as the patron of fey folk in general.

His church act as weathermen and protect elven communities against blizzards and storms. Uniquely for an elven deity, he sponsors a Paladin-like order of Wyrmslayers who seek out and kill white dragons and frost giants. They are also experts in the art of working ice into items that would normally be made from steel, providing isolated communities of elves with weapons and armour where other options are not available.

Because of his impact on the community, it was believed that his cult would eventually eclipse that of his former master, though both deities seem to have been forgotten in the move to 3E.

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