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Tartarus. A fitting name for a NOT-Daemon World.

"On Tartarus, there are no coincidences, Captain. There is only the storm that winnows the faithful from the heretic."

Mordecai Toth in Dawn of War

Tartarus was an Imperial colony world that was featured in the original Dawn of War.


Tartarus was once the primary producer of tartar sauce for the Imperium. Prior to the events in Dawn of War, Tartarus had been a relatively peaceful world. However, what the inhabitants didn't know is that they were living directly above an ancient object known as the Maledictum which held a Greater Daemon of Khorne prisoner (fuck that). This Greater Daemon was apparently able to influence the inhabitants despite being trapped, and proceeded to slowly bend the unfaithful to it's twisted will. This Daemon had originally been trapped within the Maledictum by the Eldar of the Craftworld Biel-tan lead by Farseer Macha. However, every 3000 years, a Warp Storm was said to travel to the system which would give the Greater Daemon enough power to fully influence anyone still present on Tartarus. Apparently, this is what happened to a past colony that were present during such an event. Inquisitor Mordecai Toth remarks that the Daemon "drove the inhabitants insane", forcing them to bury all traces of the Maledictum to prevent Daemon hunters like himself from finding and destroying it.

Dawn of War I[edit]

In Dawn of War, Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens arrives on the planet Tartarus to find Colonel Carus Brom and his Imperial Guard troops getting cluster fucked by a massive Ork Waaagh. Understanding the severity of the situation, Gabe, along with a couple squads of Blood Ravens, decide to go fuck up some Orks while the Imperial Guard get their shit together. After successfully killing Warboss Orkamungus, Gabe finds out that the forces of CHOAS are also present on the planet. When the Blood Ravens attempt to track them down, they instead find some FOUL XENOS Eldar forces from Craftworld Biel-tan which were a little unhappy to find Space Marines meddling in their affairs. After defeating the Eldar, Gabe discovers a tainted artifact called "a marker" which proves to Inquisitor Mordecai Toth (who had been insisting that Chaos was not present on Tartarus), that he had been telling a pack of bloody lies. Eventually (after apprehending Farseer Macha), they stumble upon something called "a key" which is said to be able to unlock the Maledictum. However, the Chaos Sorcerer known as SSSSSSIIIIINNNNNDDDRRRRRIIII manages to tp (teleport) in and steal the key right in front of Gabe, Macha and the idiot. Sindri then proceeds to attempt a ritual to unlock the Greater Daemon from the Maledictum, but ends up failing and instead decides to leave the irritable Lord Bale to get wasted by Gabe while the idiot betrays the Blood Ravens by taking the Maledictum. However, Sindri later steals the Maledictum back from the idiot and leaves him to get subsequently wasted by Gabe. Soon after this, Mordecai Toth apologizes to Gabe for suspecting him of the taint that was actually present in the idiot, and presents him with his Daemon Hammer known as God-Splitter. Later, Sindri uses the power of the Maledictum to transform himself into a fucking-tough-as-shit Daemon Prince. Gabe, along with the remaining Blood Ravens, and some Eldar forces, manage to destroy Sindri in his Daemon Prince form. Farseer Macha then tries to stop Gabe from destroying the Maledictum with God-Splitter, but Gabe decides to ignore her and fucking destroy it anyway. Unfortunately, in destroying the Maledictum, Gabe unwittingly releases the Greater Daemon Khorne trapped within, who then proceeds to explain that the entire planet of Tartarus was actually an altar, and that every death since da WAAAGHH (it didn't actually say that) was a sacrifice towards it's release. Since Daemons apparently have a sense of nobility towards those who release them, it decides to let Gabe and all his bros flee Tartarus, but assures him that it will devour them all eventually. Gabe, to his credit, seems to take this news very well (or it could be the lack of detail in his facial features), and vows to destroy the Daemon before it comes to eat everybody. Soon after, Tartarus is consumed by the Warp Storm and lost to physical reality.

Dawn of War III[edit]

This game sucked.


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