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Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch role-playing game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own Tau Fire Caste Cadre. In the absence of any role-playing game featuring the Tau specifically, this table is more or less entirely for the purpose of generating fluff.

Phase of Sept Founding[edit]

What Phase was your Sept founded in?(d12)
1-2 1st Sphere of Expansion
3-4 2nd Sphere of Expansion
5-7 3rd Sphere of Expansion
8-9 4th Sphere of Expansion
10 5th Sphere of Expansion
11 Outpost/Colonies
12 Farsight Enclave

Predominant Terrain[edit]

What is the predominant terrain of your homeworld? (d10)
1-2 Desert
3-4 Forest
5-6 Swamp
7-8 Urban
9 Jungle
10 Ice

Preferred Tactical Philosophy[edit]

Which tactical philosophy does your commander prefer?(d10)
1-5 Mont’ka, the Killing Blow – Study the enemy before attacking its weak point
6-10 Kauyon, the Patient Hunter – Lure your enemy into a trap and surprise them

Which tactic does your cadre prefer?(d100)
1-25 Static/Stationary units shelling enemy before they risk casualties in combat
26-50 Mobile units for rapid strikes and creating confusion
51-100 Hybrid with stationary units supporting mobile ones

Primary Cadre Function[edit]

What is the primary function of your cadre?(d10)
1-2 Exploration of new worlds
3-6 Conquest of new worlds
7-8 Peacekeeping/Policing
9 Planetary Defense
10 Adaptive/Changes according to commanders whim

Adherence to the Greater Good[edit]

What is the Ethereal Caste presence/adherence to Greater Good?(d10)
1 High presence/Fanatical adherence to Greater Good
2-3 Higher than normal presence/adherence to Greater Good
4-8 Normal presence/adherence to Greater Good
9 Lower than normal presence/adherence to Greater Good
10 No presence/Questioning adherence to Greater Good

Cadre Auxiliaries[edit]

What is the size of the auxiliaries in the Cadre?(d10)
1 Majority of the Cadre is non-Tau auxiliary
2-3 Larger than average sized auxiliary
4-6 Normal deployment of auxiliary
7-9 Smaller than average auxiliary
10 Xenophobic lack of aliens in Cadre

What is the composition of the auxiliaries?(d20)
1-2 Majority of auxiliary are Gue'vesa
3-4 Majority of auxiliary are Kroot Mercenaries
5-6 Majority of auxiliary are Vespid
7-8 Majority of auxiliary are Tarellian Mercenaries
9-10 Majority of auxiliary are Galg Mercenaries
11-12 Majority of auxiliary are Hrenian Light Infantry
13-14 Majority of auxiliary are Morralian Deathsworn
15-16 Majority of auxiliary are Anthrazods
17-18 Majority of auxiliary are Demiurg
19-20 No majority/ mix of several species

Preferred Enemy[edit]

What is the Cadre's preferred enemy?(d100)
1-25 Imperial Guard
26-40 Specific Space Marine Chapter
41-65 Orks
66-80 Tyranids
81-85 Eldar
86-90 Dark Eldar
91-97 Chaos
98-99 Necrons
100 Inquisition

Cadre Leader[edit]

Who is the leader of your Cadre?(d10)
1-6 Shas'el - Fire Caste Noble
7-9 Shas'O - Fire Caste Commander
10 Ethereal Caste

Leader Personality[edit]

How would characterize your leader?(d10)
1 Cars'hesa - Evaluative
2 Or'la - Friendly
3 Vior'la - Hot-blooded
4 Gal - Inquisitive
5 Alhosive - Reclusive
6 M'es - Subservient
7 Doran - Stoic
8 Res - Barbaric
9 Or - Ambitious
10 Va'yan - Proud
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