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Through the blood of a sacrificed raptor, a worshipper of Atzanteotl is reborn, and Ka the Preserver is diminished.

The Tchaltilka, meaning The Taint of Ka, is a dark magical ritual from the Hollow World setting of Dungeons & Dragons. It is a creation of the Mystaran Immortal, Atzanteotl, who invented it after learning that it was possible to steal minuscule portions of a rival Immortal's powers by ritually murdering that Immortal's followers. As his greatest enemy is Ka the Preserver, an ascended dinosaur whose portfolio heavily revolves around protecting dinosaurs, he taught his Azcan worshippers this ritual in order to achieve two ends; the first is to weaken Ka, the second is to empower the Azcans, whose efforts at conquest have been stymied by the appearance of more developed cultures in the Hollow World, whose advanced technologies they are incapable of adapting to their own end.

Creatures exposed to the Tchaltilka are transformed into beings known as the Ka-tainted, or the Defilers of Ka. They look mostly the same as they did before, except their skin develops a scaly or rough and pebbly appearance. They may potentially develop subtle physical characteristics of the dinosaur used in the ritual, although these are never pronounced enough to afford unique physical abilities beyond those specified in the Ka-Tainted template.

The ritual itself requires a group of seven; five 4th level or higher priests, led by a 12th level or higher high priest, and a single recipient for the ritual's effects. The priests chant praises to Atzanteotl and curses to Ka as they ceremonially slay a dinosaur and mix its blood with various herbs and arcane reagents (costing 1250 gold pieces). As the priests continue chanting, the recipient bathes in the noxious mixture, and is painfully transformed into a Ka-Tainted - after they leave their bath, the mixture becomes inert and is useless for further transformations.

Voluntarily undergoing the Tchaltilka is an evil act, and an involuntarily bathed individual can resist the changes by succeeding on a DC 20 Fortitude save.

Ka-Tainted Template[edit]

For reasons of space, the Ka-tainted template only lists a few species of dinosaur for possible benefits; at a DM's prerogative, other dinosaur species may grant similar abilities, or even unique ones.

Applicable to: Giant, Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid
Speed: Gain a 20ft Swim Speed if an Elasmosaurus was used. Otherwise unchanged.
Armor Class: +2, or +4 if a Triceratops was used.
Attack: Certain species of dinosaur grant the Ka-Tainted a Natural Attack, doing damage indicated on the table below.
Deinonychus or Megaraptor: Two Claw Attacks, provided by razor-sharp hooked claws on the feet.
Triceratops: A Gore Attack, provided by two horns on the head.
Tyrannosaurus: A Bite Attack, provided by an enlarged, bestial jaw. Tyrannosaurus Ka-tainted gain the Improved Natural Attack (Bite) feat as a bonus feat; the table below does not take this into account.
Special Attacks: Blood of Ka (Su): The blood of a ka-tainted creature acts as a Contact Poison (DC 10 + 1/2 Ka-tainted's racial Hit Dice + Ka-tainted's Constitution modifier). Initial damage: 1d6 Intelligence damage, 1d4 Constitution damage. Secondary Damage: 1d6 Intelligence damage, 1d4 Constitution damage. A ka-tainted's blood becomes inert and harmless 24 hours after it leaves the creature's body. Ka-tainted can use their blood to envenom their weapons. Creatures who injure Ka-tainted with non-reach handheld weapons or natural weapons that deal slashing or piercing damage are exposed to the Blood of Ka. Ka-tainted are not hurt by their own blood, but can be hurt by the blood of other Ka-tainted.
Special Qualities: A Ka-tainted creature gains the Low-light Vision and Scent bilities. A Triceratops Ka-tainted creature also gains the Stability quality, as per the Dwarf racial trait.
Abilities: +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence.
Skills: A Deinonychus or Megaraptor Ka-tainted gains a +2 racial bonus to Hide, Jump, Listen, Spot and Survival checks. An Elasmosaurus Ka-tainted gains a +2 racial bonus to Hide checks when in water.
Feats: A Ka-tainted creature gains Toughness as a bonus feat. A Tyrannosaurus Ka-tainted also gains Improved Natural Attack (Bite).
Challenge Rating: +1
Level Adjustment: +3

Natural Attack Damage[edit]

Size - Bite - Claw - Gore

Fine: 1/-/-
Diminutive: 1d2/1/1
Tiny: 1d3/1d2/1d2
Small: 1d4/1d3/1d4
Medium: 1d6/1d4/1d6
Large: 1d8/1d6/1d8
Huge: 2d6/1d8/2d8
Gargantuan: 2d8/2d6/3d6
Colossal: 4d6/2d8/4d6

Ka-Tainted Feats[edit]

Clawed Spell [(Metamagic)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted, Weapon Focus (touch)
Benefit: When you cast a Touch spell, regardless of if it does not normally inflict damage, you generate claws of force that inflict +1d6 Force Effect damage per five caster levels that you possess. Spells prepared with this Metamagic use up a spell slot one level higher than normal.

Megaraptor's Leap (General)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted (Deinonychus/Megaraptor), Jump 5 Ranks, Run
Benefit: You need to move only 10 feet to get a running start for a jump check, and jump checks made without a running start only multiply the DC by 1.5 instead of by 2.

Piercing Spell (Metamagic)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted
Benefit: When you cast a Touch Attack-based spell, ignore the target's Deflection Bonus to Armor Class. Spells prepared with this Metamgic use up a spell slot one level higher than normal.

Predator's Step (General)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted, Move Silently 5 Ranks, Run
Benefit: The penalty to Move Silently checks made while moving faster than one-half your speed is reduced by 5. This does not apply to penalties accrued through other sources.

Rage of the Raptor (General)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted, ability to rage, Dexterity 13
Benefit: When you rage, you can choose to use the Rage of the Raptor instead of a standard rage. The Rage of the Raptor grants you +4 Dexterity, +4 Constitution]], +10 feet to base land speed, -2 to Will saves, and allows you to continue using Dexterity-based skils whilst raging. If you have the Greater Rage ability, you gain +6 Dex & Con and +20 feet speed, and if you have the Mighty Rage ability, you gain +8 Dex & Con and +30 feet speed. In all other aspects, this functions exactly the same as a standard rage.

Triceratop's Charge (General)

'Prerequisite: Ka-tainted (Triceratops), Base Attack +3
Benefit: When you charge, you may choose to either make a gore attack as a secondary natural attack in addition to your normal attack, or you can choose to only make a gore attack, in which case it becomes a primary attack that deals double damage.