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Yes, he looks as badass as he is (although he does look a lot like a corrupted Techpriest). Now all I'm missing is some art of his Space Robot Ninja Dinosaurs

This article is about the heretek constructs from the Black Crusade (RPG), and sadly not an actual Chaos Space Marine unit.

Essentially, a heretek Murder-servitor, except that they're deadly enough to make an Eversor blush: it's bizarre fusions of forbidden AI technology and the corruptive energies of the warp. In the Screaming Vortex, these guys are built by the Master of Forge Castir on The Hollows, the Exospectre, who has spent centuries perfecting his current weapon of choice: the Maestro-Pattern Tech-Assassin.

No two Tech-Assassins are identical; each one is an individual hand-crafted masterpiece, tuned and optimized for a particular style of murder. Because of their specialised nature, Tech-Assassins are subtle but significant factors on the battlefield. They scout ahead of the main force, ghosting into an enemy position to remove an important leader or sabotage a vital resource. These swift and lethal servants are his most fiendish designs and are armed with all manner of unspeakably lethal weapons.

Maestro pattern Tech-Assassins are gaunt, spindly creatures, swathed in ragged robes and notable for the cruel gleam of their tripartite hunter-optics from beneath their hoods. Far more autonomous and capable than any servitor, Tech-Assassins ceaselessly hunt their prey once on the trail of their assigned target. A Tech-Assassin may lie in wait for weeks at a time, patiently motionless, until the chosen enemy is detected by inbuilt augur arrays. Only then does the creature explode into motion, its robes flaring like the wings of a raptor as it stoops to the strike. Gravity plates allow the Tech-Assassin to move effortlessly over nearly any terrain. Its torso contains a powerful quantum field generator that shrouds the creature from detection, confounding tech-sensors and confusing the naked eye with shifting patterns that blend with its surroundings. The Maestro pattern’s hands contain a series of serrated, retractable power-blades and it is usually equipped with an MIU-linked shoulder-mounted hellgun. However, the most dangerous weapon employed by the Maestro pattern is the tesseract bomb. When activated, this devastating weapon shunts a portion of its surroundings into a pocket dimension, violently disrupting the molecular structure of anything caught in the blast. In addition, the Exospectre commonly installs a command circuit into the Maestro pattern and accompanies it with a pack of hell-constructs named Velocireapers. These beast-like creatures are a form of lobo-chipped servitor, built around a sophisticated sentinel array and armed with razor-sharp fangs and claws. Savage and feral, the Velocireapers must be precisely controlled by the Tech-Assassin’s command circuit lest they frenzy and attack anyone nearby.

Now, if only the idiots on Xana II could get shit done and build some for the CSM so we could use these badasses in-game...

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