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Technician is a Spheres of Might class that utilizes traps and the power of SCIENCE. Compared to the equally brainy Scholar, they have slightly more talents, BAB and hit points in exchange for two fewer skill points. Instead of flashbangs, they get a toolbelt's worth of various gizmos both spontaneous and prepared.

They're a lot like typical rogues, using trickery and items to their advantage, getting a weaker sneak attack with an insight and both placing and removing traps. And what trapspringers they are: not only do they get the usual trapfinding and a better trap sense, they also become faster and faster with Disable Device as they level up and by level 11 they can even dispel magic with it. But if dealing with locks and traps isn't required or to your liking, there's also the Mad Scientist archetype that trades it away to become a science wizard with a portal gun and slight money problems.

However, as fun as it is to pick a lock in mere seconds, the real meat of the class are the inventions and their improvements. You like shoes? How about improved shoes that make you faster and also have rockets that allow you to double jump? You like hitting people with a big stick? How about hitting them with a big stick that's somehow also a shield and a gun (parts sold separately)? Want to fire your musket underwater? Why not turn it into a railgun, with explosive rounds while you're at it? Create laser pistols, shoulder-mounted propellers, flying vehicles and mechs, all kinds of crazy shit that your DM will rule as too technologically advanced for the world.

Unfortunately the inventions give pretty harsh penalties in the hands of anyone else, so you can't hand out deflector shields and extra arms to the whole party without issue. Sure, there's a feat and an insight to lower this penalty, but most of the time the goods will be for the Technician only.

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