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Teclis, with his brother Tyrion in the foreground.

"The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading."

– David Bailey

A High Elf character from Warhammer Fantasy, once considered just a plain standard suped up archmage for the High Elf players, Teclis is Ulthuan's Sorcerer Supreme Warden of the White Tower of Hoeth, and has now proven himself to be a grand manipulator so underhanded, so devious even Tzeentch is impressed and eager to scout him out for his talent. He's primarily responsible now for bringing the three elven splinter races back into one united race, and as of End Times: Thanquol, he's shown to have survived and runs around stealing the power of the remaining gods to bring back his brother Tyrion. All the manipulation and horrible stuff he did in End Times is however out of character with how he was before, where he was a pretty nice guy. (Also if you pay attention pretty much everything bad that happens in the End times that's not Mannfred's fault is his fault. Though Mannfred would not have even gotten to the stage where he could have screwed things up so bad were it not for Teclis.)

The Legend[edit]

Tyrion's twin brother. While Tyrion's "Aenarion's Curse" manifested in being a half step away from being Gollum for the Widowmaker, Teclis was born an anemic cripple with a bad cough instead. The book out right calls it "consumptive" which is an old time word for tuberculosis, not a fun disease at all (though unlike tuberculosis, Teclis' condition isn't communicable). After spending most of his life in a magical wheelchair and being tended to (AKA experimented on) by the healing mages in Saphery, he wound up very thin and weak (even for an elf) and needs regular magic healing potions as well as the magical staff gifted to elfkind by Lileath the goddess of magic herself just to keep him standing upright. Don't think he's a no good weakling though (this goes double around Tyrion who will beat your ass if he finds out you're dissing his bro without a second thought. The two have a direct emotional psychic link, and while Teclis has a good deal of patience and good humor Tyrion...does not). Teclis, Nagash, and a few Slann are the strongest magic users alive (so to speak). After spending most of his teenage (hundreds of) years among mages and learning from them, he decided on the day that it became clear Ulthuan was about to be fucked that it was now or never to make something of himself. He began to forge a magic sword underneath Hoeth (a ritual that the Swordmasters, as well as their Loremaster superiors must do to become a man (or woman)), and upon it's completion (it was a really fuckawesome sword too, called the Sword of Teclis and in ages to come will probably be an awesome heirloom item for future heroes) was awarded the magical pimp hat of awesomeness (the War Crown of Saphery) as well as the rank of Loremaster. He set out to find his brother and the Everqueen, and would become something of a legend to the embattled elves during his travels. With a single word, he reduced the Slaaneshi champion Albrecht Numan and his warband to dust, and he turned the tide at the battle of Hathar Ford, and slew the feared Tzeentchian sorcerers known as the Coven of Ten.

He finally caught up with them right as the Keeper of Secrets N'kari was pulling off Tyrion's and the Everqueen's pants for some serious assraping. The KoS...didn't make it. After engaging Teclis's brother, the Everqueen gave Teclis the aforementioned staff as a consolation prize, and the two brothers set out to carry the entire High Elf race in the Battle of The Finuval Plain. While Tyrion was committing genocide Paul Bunyan-style in melee, Teclis nuked EVERYTHING and dispelled every miscast. After a short magical duel between Malekith and himself, Teclis cast a spell so powerful that Malekith had to escape into Chaos itself to avoid being obliterated mind, body, and soul (how he escaped is unknown. Possibly Morathi summoned him as one would a Daemonette concubine). While Tyrion retired to the Everqueen's boudoir, Teclis decided that (in a very un Warhammer-ish way) it was the duty of those with great power to save the entire world, not just their own race. He left for the Empire, and taught humans true magic for the very first time (kickstarting the beginning of the Warhammer renaissance that is currently just beginning to take hold) by founding the schools of magic and fighting against the Daemons and Warriors of Chaos that were about to wipe out humanity.

That task being complete, he set out to explore the world (apparently all great heroes are either world explorers or fuck the Everqueen. Finubar must be glorious to behold if he'd ever get a mini). During his travels, Teclis met the uncorrupted giants, Slann, amazons, all the minority/non white civilizations there's never been an army for like Ind and Cathay, and even leading an expedition to see the Rift into Chaos at the north pole (and learn how to make toys!) Then Teclis got word that his father had died so he returned home for the funeral. After the funeral and a reunion with his brother Tyrion. Teclis planned to resume his travels until he got word that the High Loremaster had died so the position was being offered to Teclis, who accepted. Recently Teclis was gravely injured from a bitch move assassination attempt from Morathi. Nowadays he chills in Hoeth, reading articles on the internet, sexing High Elf courtesans (think prostitutes who only service royalty and not always for money), and feeling up Lileath's boobs on his ronery staff.

The End Times[edit]

In the End Times, Teclis got bored of the canon and stalemate getting everyone nowhere, so when Lileath told him her plan he leaped at the opportunity. The two are also responsible for some Just as Planned so dickish that Tzeentch would be impressed. His first move was to try to form an anti-Chaos alliance with Nagash (an idea that horrified even Malekith when he found out), but Nagash rejected the offer to Teclis' face - while secretly commending Teclis for the idea before tweaking that into his own plan, so Teclis worked to sabotage Nagash's resurrection.

Next, Teclis reached out to Malekith for an alliance as he'd learnt from Lileath that Malekith was the rightful Phoenix King and that all the others were imposters. What's more, Finubar had figured this out hence why he was so hands-off about kinging. Though desiring failure and a painful death for Teclis, Malekith decided to play along for the time being after considered the offer in the face of he coming apocalypse and when Lileath herself spoke to him through Teclis. Afterwards Teclis tried to get the Phoenix King to take action, fed up with Finubar's passivity. To this end, Teclis breached Finubar's magical wards and kicked down his door only to find Finbuar's corpse, for Malekith had killed him shortly after accepting Telcis' offer. Teclis left the room, re-sealed it and went to convince Tyrion to take over. Later Malekith and Teclis contacted Imrik of Caledor, who was completely against Malekith but changed his tune after Malekith sent a ship with all the dragon eggs the Dark Elves had stolen form the High Elves over the millennia as a peace offering and lifted the spell that made it harder for the Caledorians to rouse their dragons.

Teclis plays both sides according to Lileath's plan to try and see them through the apocalypse. There were some stumbling blocks in the manipulations of Morathi and Nagash's plans for apothesis, but things go mostly as Teclis hoped. Teclis even took Malekith on a spirit-walking journey to Nagashizzar to reveal this, Malekith expressing that even he wouldn't ally with Nagash and calling Teclis' plan dangerously foolish. Teclis also revealed to Malekith that he'd allowed Nagash's servants to claim Aliathra so she would be sacrificed, but unbeknownst to Naggy, Arky or Manny (Neffy knew and had a private chuckle at their expense) Aliathra wasn't the Everchild so Nagash got no divine power from her but did get infected with the Curse of Khaine, weakening him and delaying his plans. Soon Tyrion found out the depths of Teclis' plans, which were technically a massive betrayal, and torn between rage and despair went to the Blighted Isle to draw the sword of Khaine. Malekith and Teclis tried to stop him. Tyrion managed to draw the sword and, spurred by Teclis insisting that Malekith had to live and rule them, Tyrion lost himself to his grief and Khaine's influence (with a little prodding from Morathi here and there).

After the war went back and forth, Teclis revealed the big part of his master plan. Unravel the vortex and bind the winds of magic to chosen mortals to make them potential rivals to the Chaos Gods. Nagash had already stolen Death, so he needed a choice for the others. Teclis eventually convinced Malekith of the need to destroy the Great Vortex and create the Incarnates of the Winds of Magic. They travel towards the Isle of the Dead. While Malekith's and Tyrion's forces did battle Teclis started his ritual at the Great Vortex. He was assisted from inside the Vortex by the mage of legend Caledor Dragontamer who had been trapped inside the Vortex when he created it millennia past.

Malekith's summoning the spirits of various elven heroes throughout the ages destabilized the Vortex so Teclis and Caledor failed to harness the escaping winds properly. Ghur, the Wind of Beasts broke free and soared eastwards. Teclis continued trying the bind the Winds but Chamon, the Wind of Metal, and Aqshy, the Wind of Fire, escaped. When Azyr, the Wind of Heavens, broke free Teclis noted a mind at work within it. When Alith Anar shot Tyrion and Malekith, the death of her lover and champion and the apparent death of her son sent Morathi into a suicidal rage. She entered the Vortex and started to tear it open. This allowed the Chaos god Slaanesh to start to enter the mortal realm. Teclis was forced to rush the ritual and seal the rift so Slaanesh couldn't enter. In the process he destroyed the spells supporting Ulthuan, with Slaanesh managing to grab Morathi and Caledor as the rift closed. He bound the remaining three winds to the wounded Malekith (shadow, though Teclis had originally planned to give him the Wind of Fire), the Everqueen Alarielle (life) and his own staff (light).

With the ritual completed as well as it could be the Vortex faded away and Ulthuan began to fall apart and sink into the sea, killing hundreds of thousands. Unbeknownst to any other elf, Teclis used his magic to rescue himself, Tyrion's corpse and Malandhir, refusing Imrik's offer to help them by flying them out with his dragon. Teclis showed in End Times: Thanquol carting Tyrion's body around. He then proceded to messing around in Middenheim by taking Ulric's flame and calling the Winter Wolf God a failure. Teclis' actions unintentionally doomed Middenheim to defeat and allowed Archaon and his forces to capture it and use it as a base of operations.

In End Times Archaon, the final part of his master plan is revealed. He had used the flame of Ulric to purge the taint of Khaine from Tyrion, used the Heart of Avelorn to resurrect him and imbued him with the Wind of Hysh to become the Incarnate of Light (with Malandhir being his steed again after temporarily serving as Teclis' packmule). Tyrion arrived just in time to stop Bea'lakor from fast-tracking the world's destruction by attacking the Oak of Ages. However, very few are glad to see Tyrion back after everything he did, especially Imrik and Malekith. When Nagash and the undead arrived in Athel Loren after the destruction the Black Pyramid, which thwarted Nagash's plans of apotheosis, Teclis told everyone how he'd been conspiring with Nagash to use him as an ally/weapon against the Chaos Gods and had given him the idea of harnessing the Wind of Death.

After everyone else grudgingly made an alliance with Nagash in exchange for punishing Mannfred, Teclis tries to council the Incarnates alongside Lileath on their next course of action but they get bogged down in bickering (mostly because Nagash refuses their suggestions and they don't know who or where the Incarnate of Beasts is). When Bea'lakor, who had been skulking in Athel Loren after his defeat and had freed Mannfred, was captured trying to kill Lileath and interrogated by the Incarnates, Teclis just how badly his taking the flame from Middenheim had backfired. The forces of Chaos had found a device of the Old Ones and were re-purposing it into a warp gate that would destroy the world. After Bea'lakor was imprisoned in an unbreakable gem by Malekith and Caradryan, Teclis argued that they had to go to Middenheim to stop Archaon. When they finally started agreeing on a plan (also because the Bretonnians abandoned them after Mannfred revealed Lileath's deception as a final middle finger to his former allies), an army of Khorne daemons kicked down their door and tried to kill them. Things got so desperate that Lileath encouraged Teclis to sacrifice her and use her divine power to teleport them and their armies to Middenheim (along with Grimgor and Grimgor and his). Teclis succeeded, aided by Karl Franz (who unbeknownst to Teclis was also Sigmar. Arkhan the Black helped too), but instead of being teleported to the city as an organized army, they were scattered all over the place with Teclis literally landing at Archaon's feet. Archaon took Teclis captive for... reasons, confiscating his magical goodies. During his imprisonment Teclis figured out that Karl Franz was now Sigmar in disguise and rubbed this fact in Archaon's face, Archaon punching Teclis in the mouth in response. Teclis stayed this way until being freed by a fully powered Sigmar and reunited with his brother.

They got to the artifact and combined their power to try and stop it. Teclis showed his magical abiltiy by filling in for two Incarnates, for with the deaths of Grimgor at Archaon's blade and Caradryan at Ka'Bandha's, Teclis takes into himself the winds of Fire and Beasts. However the sheer magical powers clashing in Teclis started to slowly rip his body apart, but Teclis kept it together (literally) through sheer will. Then Mannfred ruined everything by sneak-attacking Balthazar with a sword through the back. Teclis tries to take the Wind of Metal as well, but it proved too much and Teclis died as his body was ripped apart; not living to see the doom of the world or his brother avenging him by stabbing and incinerating Mannfred.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

NEW MODEL CONFIRMED AND HIGH ELVES RACE COMING BACK!!! Teclis survives the End Times, with Tyrion now can only see through Teclis' eyes as he's blind now. Both brothers are the gods of Hysh and allies with Sigmar. Because of his involvement with the mortal races, Teclis takes an obvious interest in creating Enlightenment Engines, machines that store tons of knowledge and help elevate mortal understanding and progress until it essentially reaches where it was before the Old World blew up. However, Sigmar pulled a fast one and had Grungni turn these contraptions of knowledge into tools that helped conceal the locations of the God-King's super-secret Stormvaults. Predictably, Teclis took a serious exception to this and Nagash is likely laughing his skeletal ass off at the hypocrisy.

Teclis was also partly responsible for chaining Slaanesh up between the realms of Hysh and Ulgu and disemboweling the Dark Prince, releasing tons of elf souls. He tried to recreate the old High Elves, but their collective souls suffered PTSD from being in Slaanesh's innards, so they decided to run away. Fearing they were Chaos-tainted, Teclis wanted to destroy them, but his brother appealed to his compassion so Teclis let them go. As a result the horribly tragic, eternally depressed Idoneth Deepkin were allowed to go on their not-so-merry way. Later Teclis tried making High Elves 2.0 again, this time with more successful results.

On The Tabletop[edit]

To represent Teclis on the tabletop, at his current point in lore development his own mini and 8th edition stats do nicely. For a campaign where rules can be improvised, a Loremaster Teclis who has just returned home to Ulthuan after his travels is best represented by his 7th edition overpowered stats when running a campaign, or Alarielle the Radiant's stats with Teclis as a proxy model. For a Teclis setting out to explore the world, a level 4 Archmage with Book of Hoeth works well. For a pre-Loremaster Teclis, equip him as a Loremaster of Hoeth or a level 1/2 Mage while using another mage model (since he doesn't have his hat or staff yet).

Total War:Warhammer[edit]

In Total War: Warhammer 2 Teclis appears, alongside his brother, as one of the starting Legendary Lords for the High Elves. He leads his own faction called the Order of the Loremasters and starts on the Turtle Isles in the vortex campaign and the Star Tower in the mortal empires campaign. From a gameplay perspective Teclis is a highly versatile caster unit, possessing a wide array of spells from the game's various magical lores. As such, he can fulfill a variety of different roles in battle. His campaign buffs include bonuses to diplomacy with all High Elven and Human factions, reflecting his role in the lore as a mediator between the two races.


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