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Tehenhauin is a Skink in the Warhammer World of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. He is the Prophet of Sotek, god of snakes and eternal enemy of the Horned Rat (Sotek also used to be an Old One, but that got retconned). Which basically makes him Aztec lizard Moses, not quite Raptor Jesus but close enough.

In case you hadn't noticed, his name is a pun on "ten in one." He replaced the far-funnier "Tuini-Huini" in the Lizardmen army.


Tehenhauin was the eldest Skink Priest of the Temple-City of Chaqua. Chaqua was a bit unique in that it had a series of plaques, called the Prophecies of Sotek, that weren't found in any other temple-city. They predicted that Lustria would be invaded by rats that walked on two legs, but they would be stopped by a mysterious god named Sotek. Because they weren't found in any other temple-city (and because they made frightening predictions), they were by-and-large ignored.

However, one day, the spawning pools of their neighboring temple-city of Quetza started to churn out malformed Saurus and Skinks. Soon, whatever was plaguing Quetza came to Chaqua. The Mage-Priest of the city soon succumbed, leaving Tehenhauin in charge. Believing that the city was a lost cause, Tehenhauin marched the survivors out into the jungle, carrying the plaques of Sotek.

Total War Warhammer II[edit]

On April 4th, he was confirmed as the Lizardman representative for The Prophet and The Warlock DLC for Total War: Warhammer II where he brings Red Crested Skinks, Ripperdactyls, Salamanders, Arc of Soteks and the Engine of the Gods for the Dinos to play with. He has a unique trait which lets him collect sacrifices as a currency to purchase Sotek related buffs, the most powerful allowing you to summon a manifestation of Sotek himself to beat the shit out of your enemies!