Telemachon Lyras

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A living proof that love can bloom between maniacal assholes and insane bitches.

Telemachon Lyras (originally Telemachon Lyral) is a swordmaster and one of the founders of Black Legion, being Failbaddon's lieutenant. He was born on Terra and became a part of 51st Company of Emperor's Children. With the start of the Horus Heresy, Lyras defected alongside his primarch to Chaos and joined the Honour Guard of his battle brother Eidolon.

After Horus died, he defected to Kadalus Orlantir and became his second-in-command, raiding and killing his former brothers. During one of this battles, he was badly injured and then healed by captive Dark Eldar Nefertari, which Lyras rewarded with torture. That only fueled their love by the way. Anyway, Lyras helped Abaddon fight the clone of Horus, and was promoted to his Lieutenant and Herald.

He is lastly mentioned during the Seventh Black Crusade, where he slaughtered some Blood Angels. He still loves (and tortures) his beautiful Dark Elf slave and dislikes his brother-lieutenant Iskandar Khayon (Khayon was one of the guys that wounded Lyras, so nothing unusual there).

As if that wasn't enough he's also got a thing for Iskander's sister Itzara, referring to her as one of the mythological Chemosian "water spirits" (i.e. incredibly beautiful) while she's in her Anamnesis bubble thing. One could only imagine Iskander's response something along the lines of "bro don't hit on my sister even if half her brain WAS eaten by a giant space wasp, it's not cool!", in Lyras' mind that just makes it hotter (he is a Slaaneshi marine after all)!

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