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Say old bean, please remind Ol' Castor that he is NOT the only one with a bitchin mustache. Wait, is that a chainsaw bayonet!?

Tempestor Primes are the Militarum Tempestus' equivalent of a platoon or company commander from the Imperial Guard, and like the more mundane guard, the Tempestor Prime has the capability and technological resources to act on his own if he feels like it. Occasionally when he needs to command his own men, he can form a Tempestus Command Squad to act as a mobile form of tactical communications when the Militarum Tempestus wants to get something done and dead.

As the designated 'leaders', Tempestor Primes are armed and equipped with weapons and armor befitted for someone his role. Furthermore, Tempestor Primes are renowned for their exceptional skill and prowess in combat even in the likes of the already elite Stormtroopers. Of course this can also be seen as quite unsurprising given the ridiculously balls-breaking training from the Militarum Tempestus in the first place. A Tempestor Prime is always distinguished with his great coat which can rival the likes of Ursakar E. Creed, a Servo-skull on his shoulder and a knife clutched in his right hand always ready for a 'just in case'. The Tempestor Prime can also come equipped with either a command staff or a bolt pistol in his left hand. But usually his standard choice of armament is a hot-shot laspistol or the more elusive hellpistols. Tempestor Primes can also be distinguished for their noticeable and quite fancy red berets which automatically gives them the official seal of Awesome.

8th Edition[edit]

In 8th edition, Tempestor Primes are decent command units enabling fellow Stormtroopers to be ordered to act as a walking wall of Dakka. While he can come equipped with either a hot-shot laspistol, bolt pistol, plasma pistol and a chainsword and can prove quite capable in defending himself, it is best to use him further back in the front lines as his Tempestus Command Rod ability allows him to issue Voice of Command twice so you can turn your squishy umies into a force to be reckoned with. Trying to shout orders like your role playing for a WW1 officer is sometimes encouraged.

He, like the rest of the Militarum Tempestus has the ability to perform an aerial drop on almost anywhere on the map, so long as they remain 9" away from the enemy. As usual, it is best not to get him too close to a melee oriented opponent especially when 8th edition has buffed up CQC on tabletop. Try to use his abilities and the Militarum Tempestus' natural ability to royally fuck anything not in power armor as best as possible. In terms of stats, he has a movement of 6", WS 3+, BS 3+, S 3, T 3, W 4, A 3, Ld 8 and a 4+ Sv.

Although seriously, if you are not grouping your Tempestor Prime into a Tempestus Command Squad then what the fuck are you doing with your Stormtrooper army?

Forces of the Militarum Tempestus
Command: Tempestor Prime - Lord Commissar
Commissar - Tempestus Command Squad
Troops: Stormtrooper
Vehicles: Taurox - Taurox Prime - Chimera
Flyers: Valkyrie - Vendetta
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