Tempestus Command Squad

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"The Tempestus Scions are amongst the finest human warriors in the galaxy. They are fanatically dedicated to the act of following their orders - even if it may result in their own deaths - and often complete missions so dangerous that they would be deemed suicidal for a regular guardsman."

– Games Workshop

Militarum Tempestus Command Squads are the more elite and Stormtroopier version of the regular Guard's Command Squad and is thus more likely to survive their encounter with the enemies of men and more likely to turn said enemies of men into a pile of blood, guts and gore. They differentiate from regular Stormies with the fact that they wear red berets and are thus, Awesome. Although they have slightly smaller balls then the Guard, what being a Stormtrooper and all, they are still hardy badasses and can score a killing spree on their own.


They are one of the the most important units in the Tempestus army and thus, Codex. These bring you valuable orders that really are the reason you are using this book, besides it being cool. Unfortunately they lack the senior officer special rule, a big misstep in my opinion as the army really doesn't get a whole lot in terms or orders, so using your orders and your command squad effectively go hand in hand. Unlike Imperial Guard command squads, these guys generally perform a combined role in your army.

There are usually three main ways to field them. The first is to run them like an efficient anti-infantry squad with the Hot-shot lasguns or even a Hellgun, the 2/4 salvo gun allows the squad to punch above what its number alone would suggest, and allow the squad a decent amount of fire power even if you go with a vox caster and medi-pack (the squad is too small to benefit from a banner). The second is swapping out the Hot Shots with 4 meltaguns and twin-link them reliably makes them an excellent unit for eating armored units that will mow through your puny 4+ saves en masse. This loadout usually also comes with a Tempestor Prime with a plasma pistol, because if you want to murder vehicles fast and efficient even with the GETS HOT rule, this is the choice for you. The final option is to take the med-pack and outfit the 3 special weapons as plasma guns so you can turn Terminator equivalents inside-out. The feel no pain means these men are more likely to survive a gets hot than another squad of scions.

Overall, despite the difference, they run like a basic command squad, with the need to buy stuff in exchange for their ability to shoot. However, their power is marred by the lack of advisers for use, though the ones that can fire gain the good stuff.

Forces of the Militarum Tempestus
Command: Tempestor Prime - Lord Commissar
Commissar - Tempestus Command Squad
Troops: Stormtrooper
Vehicles: Taurox - Taurox Prime - Chimera
Flyers: Valkyrie - Vendetta
Spacecraft: Devourer Dropship
Allies: Imperial Guard - Inquisition