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Black Legion
Big Gay Purple d4.png
Battle Cry dongs
Number 69
Original Name Luna Wolves
Original Homeworld Cthona
Current Homeworld Vengeful Spirit
Primarch Horus
Champion Failbaddon
Strength 1
Specialty Bumming
Allegiance GamesWorkshop
Colours Blue


{{Infobox Traitor Legion
|Name = Legion name
|Heraldry = Picture goes here
|Battle Cry = HERESY
|Original Name = The Legion's original name
|Number = Legion Number
|Primarch = Girlyman
|Original Homeworld = Their pre-Heresy loveshack
|Current Homeworld = Their Eye of Terror loveshack
|Champion = The infamous figure(s) of the Legion on the Tabletop
|Specialty = What they specialise in
|Strength = Number of marines
|Allegiance = Imperium/Chaos/Something else
|Colours = Livery

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