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Tengu are a breed of yokai ("monster") from Japanese mythology, and one of the more famous of their kind, alongside the kitsune and the kappa. Tengu are a race of humanoid birds, depicted either as literally human-like crows or as winged humans with cartoonishly-elongated noses. Most modern scholars of yokai formally split the two depictions into two races; the humanoid crows are kotengu or karasutengu, a lower breed mostly depicted as comedic relief or profound scoundrels, and the winged, big-nosed humans are daitengu, a superior breed who may sometimes fall to evil, but are usually described as skilled warriors and martial artists, even teachers of samurai in some stories.

In Pathfinder, due to being unable to use the kenku race and because Paizo prides itself on digging into real-world mythology, it instead created the tengu as a PC race. They're still obviously based on the kenku, being flightless humanoid crows renowned for being thieves and scavengers, but with some cultural aspects of the karasutengu blending in. They even have unique Oracle and Rogue archetypes based on the tengu's association with martial arts; the Shigenjo (an Oracle with a ki pool and some Monk abilities), and the Swordmaster (a warrior-thief who uses mystical trances to heighten their combat skills).

Pathfinder Stats[edit]

+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution
Humanoid (tengu) type
Base Speed 30 feet
Low-Light Vision
Sneaky: +2 racial bonus on Perception and Stealth.
Gifted Linguist: +4 racial bonus on Linguistics, gain 2 languages per point in Linguistics.
Swordtrained: Free proficiency in all sword-based weapons.
Natural Weapon: Bite (1d3)

Variant Racial Traits:

Carrion Sense: Replace Gifted Linguist with Carrion Sense; this focuses as Scent, but can only be used to track corpses and badly wounded (50% or less hit points) creatures.
Claw Attack: Replace Swordtrained with two Claw Attacks (Primary Natural Attack, 1d3 damage) and free Improved Unarmed Strike.
Exotic Weapon Training: Replace Swordtrained with proficiency in (3 + Int bonus) Eastern Weapons.
Glide: Replace Gifted Linguist with the Glide trait. When falling, a tengu that passes a DC 15 Fly check takes no damage from the fall. After passing this check, it can take an additional DC 15 Fly check; on a success, it moves 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet fallen.

Since a Constitution penalty is crippling for anyone and their main traits are focused on melee, the one place a character with a con penalty shouldn't be, Tengu don't see much use. Swordtrained has the dishonor of both being massively ambiguous and useless to most people who would be making melee attacks, even without the con penalty, since they're already proficient with virtually all the weapons it gives.

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The MGE's version of a Tengu.

Being a race of bird people from Japan, you had better believe that tengu often get the monstergirl treatment. Physically, tengu are often portrayed as being much the same as harpies; the real difference tends to be in their attitude, depicting them most frequently as either conniving tricksters or as stoic samurai warriors.