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Tephaneron's symbol.jpg
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Athletes, battle, success, warriors
Domains Chaos, Luck, Strength, War
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Athletes, barbarians, commanders, fighters, guards, warriors
Favoured Weapon Battleaxe

Tephaneron, the Iron General, is the Ghostwalk god of battle, success, athletes, and warriors. He's supposedly the twin of Uhanam, both of whom split from the same deity.


Tephaneron's church is mainly popular among barbarians and less civilized folk. The temples often double as forts, or at least have fortified walls around them. The clerics have a military-style hierarchy, and often act as commanders, guards, or advisors to military leaders, often telling them to not overplan as strategies fall to pieces in the chaos of the battle. Anniversaries of great battles, along with birthdays of great leaders and warriors, are celebrated with mock battles, forging of new equiment, and destruction of old equipment.


Tephaneron is always depicted as a massive warrior outfitted for battle.


Hone your body like you would the blade of a weapon, for your body is the greatest tool you will ever own. Avoid distractions that do not benefit your body, for those paths lead to weakness and sloth. Constantly strive to better yourself and accomplish difficult or even impossible things, for legends never speak of those who were content to remain quiet. Trust in yourself and your own power and you will succeed at your wildest dreams. Do not be fooled by the promises of the weak, for they have no mettle and will fail you as soon as you come to depend upon them.

The deities of Ghostwalk
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Galaedros - Nessek Tephaneron
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