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Terraria is a fantasy video game that is, functionally, a 2-D, side-scrolling Minecraft with better combat, RPG elements, and in-game mechanics. Whereas Minecraft's requirements are deceptively high for old systems (it fucking lags on high end computers despite being a fucking java platform), Terraria's requirements are considerably lower, allowing for more playability. Like Minecraft, it's a sandbox game, however it backs it up with events like Blood Moons, Goblin Sieges, Dungeon exploration, a dedicated versus mode for PVP wars, and forays into Hell, so you can kill monsters and take their stuff. The graphics are sprite-based and 16-bit, reminiscent of older RPGs on the SNES. Whilst it's directly comparable to Minecraft, Terraria is substantially deeper, with more options for players and customization that gives it generally better staying power than its 3-D counterpart, for those who like dungeon crawls with a slice of worldbuilding. On the downside, Terraria is only 2-dimensional compared to Minecraft's 3-dimensional world, which allows players fewer options for fucking around and building shit. Like seriously, if someone takes Terraria as is and remakes it in 3-D with infinite worlds that shit would out sell Minecraft in a heart beat.

Minecraft vs. Terraria[edit]

The contrast is always going to be made, always, even though the users of both games will readily acknowledge that the other game has merit. Of note is that Notch (Minecraft's developer), and Red and Blue of Re-Logic (Terraria's developer) are on friendly terms and open bounce ideas off one another for both games. Really, there's little more than good-natured ribbing between communities, a-la Space Wolves and Dark Angels bickering and E-Penis flogging, though there's always people willing to try to stoke the disagreements. In general, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Enjoy worldbuilding and creating awesome structures? Play Minecraft.
  • Enjoy exploration and combat with a slice of worldbuilding? Terraria.
  • Want a game with both that will make you a fucking man? Play Dwarf Fortress. And then Terraria. And build a Dwarf Fortress.

Why It's Awesome[edit]

/tg/ likes anything it can get creative with, and this is no exception. /tg/ has already indulged in a number of bits of win involving Terraria in its time-honored tradition of getting shit done, including side-view models of various famous invincible doom-fortresses (one particularly moxious ca/tg/irl created a model of the Imperial Palace, for example), and ongoing battle reports from teams squaring off in Terraria's Team-based PVP mode have resulted in some truly hilarious war stories.

Leveling Up[edit]

Terraria has a robust system for leveling up your character. In addition to finding Life Crystals, each of which boosts your Max HP by 20 (to a max of 400), you can also craft Mana Crystals, which boost your Mana reserve each by 20 (and the first of which allows you to use magic). Magic weapons are used like any other weapon or tool and cost MP to use, but are usually quite powerful and/or hilarious. You can even get a Magic Missile to attack the darkness with. Armor can be created from various metal ores once they're smelted and purified, and you can forge new weapons to become stronger offensively. Topping it all off, you can find accessories that give you cool features like a speed run ability or double-jumping. You can even find a grappling hook to grab onto walls and ceilings with.

The game also boasts an equally-robust crafting system. Players can conduct alchemy to create potions, spin silk into cloth, make furniture, or create art and sculpture to decorate their realms with.

Constructing a World[edit]

Terraria encourages you to build strongholds to protect yourself. Not only do these strongholds allow you to stay safe from monsters and the like, but in time they can attract useful NPCs - mostly Merchants that sell useful goodies like weapons, armor, items, explosives, and ammunition. Once at your stronghold and correctly secured from enemy attack (monsters can kill them, so you need to keep them safe, though they'll respawn eventually), especially when attacks by boss monsters, Blood Moons, and Goblin Sieges occur.

By day, the most dangerous thing you'll encounter is usually a slime. By night, you'll encounter Zombies and Demon Eyes, which are considerably nastier and more annoying but aren't all that dangerous unless they start gathering up to the point where they make World War 2 look like a kindergarten field trip line.

Terraria has a wide array of different events and landscapes, which will be described below.

The Corruption[edit]

This is usually the area that claims the lives of hapless adventurers... And damn near everyone at night, for that matter.

Somewhere in each world is the Corruption, a land where nature has gone wrong. Pocketed with borderline-unbreakable Ebonstone, the Corruption is home to all manner of nasty beasts, including Eaters of Souls and Devourers, which are considerably nastier than the normal monsters. The Corruption is also marked by thorn bushes, deep chasms, and catchy music. Venturing to the Corruption can often be profitable - enemies drop lots of good loot there, breakable shadow orbs can be found there (which contain treasure), and Demon Altars can be found which let you create boss summoning items. Despite the inherent risks, many players build their home in the corruption; Eaters of Souls provide useful distractions (and deadly ones for unprepared newblets) for enemies during PVP, and if constructed properly, Devourers, burrowing, worm-like monsters, won't appear in your base that often.

The Corruption will quickly take over the world if not stopped somehow in Hard Mode.

The Crimson[edit]

The Corruption's retarded badass, albit gross, blood-red cousin. Filled with many creepy enemies like the Face Monster, a creature with a face the size of its body (aka: NOPE) and the Blood Creepers, spiders with small, lanky legs and big, blood-filled bodies (aka: ALLOFMYNOPE). Instead of Shadow Orbs, the Crimson have Demon Hearts located in big, heartlike caverns in teh center of each Crimson, which arguably give up better stuff (Staff that makes small clouds who rain blood? ALLOFMYYES). It has a more organic concept, what with blood, flesh and teeth everywhere, and the heart-like constructions making up their underground - Where the Corruption is a deep-seated rot coming from the Shadow Orbs, the Crimson is more like a demonic version of the world slowly converting everything into one mega-organism. Its NOPE factor is balanced in terms that it is easier to navigate, find Demon Hearts, and farm Vertebrae (Needed to make Brain of Cthulu summoning item, if you don't fancy it coming to check up on you every time you poke to a few of the Hearts) in. Compare it to the Corruption where one needs to get both Vile Powder (Made from Vile Mushrooms found in Corruption) and Rotten Flesh (Kill enemies in Corruption) to make the summoning item. The Crimson is generally a bit less popular than the Corruption, which is most likely because the Corruption have been there for longer, and isn't fucking disgusting.

The Jungle[edit]

A somewhat rare entrance to Hell in a Jungle area.

Wet and full of plants and bugs, the Jungle is nature gone hilarious, with wild, untamed lands and dangerous creatures - and rich rewards for those willing to penetrate the depths to find them. Rare magic armor and valuable alchemy ingredients both can be found here, along with considerable danger for the foolhardy. The Jungle is often flooded and treacherous, making explorations difficult for those without double jumping, swimming, or high-jump capability. In many areas, the caverns in a Jungle reach so deep that they can reach hell on their own and are so vast you will need to use the map often to find your way. In the Jungle you will find Hornets who shoot small, unnoticeable stingers at you, Jungle Slimes who do the same, but with poison, making them marginably more annoying and of course carnivorous plants. It is also possible to find Hives in the Jungle, who contain honey, bees and a little pod you should most definitely destroy.

The Jungle is also home to the Temple, a magical place where much of the late game takes place - To enter, you must kill Plantera, who drops a key to the temple. Once inside, you will find treasure, magical weaponry and armor and a horde of pissed off lizards who won't accept any kids messing with their jewelry. The dormant Golems lies within the Temple too, just waiting to have some little pest to slap in the face. The Jungle also tends to die off pretty quickly in Hard Mode unless preserved somehow by the player the Corrpution/Crimson can take over the Jungle in Hard Mode and will do that without mercy, so make sure you bould up some walls around it to protect to from extinction... Though, when I think about, the Corruption/Crimson might be a brake compared to the Jungle in Hard Mode.

The Tundra[edit]

Cold, and covered in ice and snow. Valuables rest deep underneath. The biggest thing to worry about before Hard Mode are Ice Slimes and their spiked variants as they can affect the player with a movement Debuff. Once Hard Mode kicks in, the bigger threat are Ice Golems which appear during Blizzards. They hit hard and shoot laser beams at you. The rewards are worth it as it has a 1/3 chance at dropping an Icy Feather needed to craft the Frozen Wings.


....It's Hell. The toughest creatures reside here, as does the best and most powerful crafting materials and items. Really, it's not complicated. The only way to get to it is to dig deep. Really deep. Beware of Skeletal Horrors. Underworld is mainly composed of high amounts of lava everywhere, only periodically disrupted by buildings made out of obsidian blocks. It is highly advised that you bring something that repels lava and fire damage (like an Obsidian Skull), along with a lot of mobility-boosting gear (like the Grabling Hook, the Rocket Boots, the Cloud/Fart in a Jar and/or wings of any sort).

The most notable danger in the Underworld isn't in fact the lava, or the mobs - It is the Voodoo Demons combined with the lava. See, Voodoo Demons carry around a doll of the Guide, which, when thrown into lava in the Underworld, will summon the Wall of Flesh if the prerequisites are met (which they usually will be by the time one goes to the Underworld). Why is that a problem, you might ask? Well, when you kill a Voodoo Demon, it drops that doll. And it flies about over lava most of the time. And you can't flee from the Wall of Flesh, lest you want to be killed for being a wuss. Shit. Thankfully, patches fixed this and the Wall of Flesh is now only summoned if you manually chuck the doll into the Lava.

Humorously, Hell's about the safest place to be once Hard Mode kicks in, since the enemy encounters really don't change unless you defeat a Hardmode boss, and then 3 new enemies show up: Mimics, Red Devils, and Lava Bats.

The Dungeon[edit]

It's on either the far left or far right side of each world, and you can only enter if you killed Skeletron - otherwise there shall be skulls. Valuable items and rare spells, monsters, and more can be found here, but the dungeon is dark, deep, and dangerous: There are spikes freaking everywhere, skeletons who really, really want to push you into that pit over there and numerous pits and chasms to go. Explorations must proceed with care, and players need to act carefully, lest they end up stranded, far from their spawns, with no healing items and their only way back to the surface being a bodybag.

It is notable that while the game kills you if you venture too far into the Dungeon before killing its boss, you can actually DODGE the flying skeleton heads that come for you. So while more keep coming for you, it is possible to take dives into the dungeon to test your luck, and possibly get at least one of the artifacts with which to kill the boss.

The Dungeon is also home to the Colored Chests, special containers with powerful artifacts within - Look to the Jungle-section to learn how to open these goodies!

Sky Islands[edit]

The sun won't save the occupants of this particular shelter. When they have to leave (and they will), the Harpies will swoop in and feast. Thus is the way of wildlife in Terraria.

High in the sky are hidden islands full of treasure - however, going too high attracts the Carp equivalent of Terraria, the Harpy. These flying. projectile-firing fiends are relentless in their pursuit, which ironically makes them favored guards for fortresses built in the air (lol), and they have a notorious tendency to knock you out of the air, sending you hurtling to your twisted mangled death below.

In Hard Mode, Wyverns appear here, which are each basically a 4000 HP Miniboss. Their appearance scares the Harpies towards hanging out at lower altitudes, so you'll begin finding harpies if you jump up a high hill. However going after them is well worth the risk as they are the only enemies that drop Souls of Flight which are needed for wings.

The Hallow[edit]

The Hallow is a candy-colored land of death. It appears after the end-of-the-world event that is Hardmode, and is the only terrain that blocks corruption other than man-made blocks. The Hallow spreads quickly if started, just like the corruption, but it won't overlap the Jungle and most terrain it converts into Hallowed versions of their basic terrain, just like Hardmode Corruption and Crimson. Strong blessed creatures, such as Unicorns and Pixies, dwell above and below ground. Whilst more photogenic, they are at least as dangerous as the foul monstrosities of the Crimson or Corruption. If you want to shoot rainbows and master magic, you'll spend a lot of time here.


Terraria has powerful boss monsters designed to fuck your shit like an angry marine. They are as follows:

  • Eye of Cthulhu: A giant Eyeball that eats people. It also spews out smaller Eyeballs. Will drop either Crimtane or Demonite ore depending on how the world was generated. Farmed for ore.
  • Brain of Cthulhu: A flying brain with tons of miniature eyeballs surrounding it. It will only reveal it's weak point when all the eyeballs are gone, slightly easier than the Eye of Cthulu, but not by much mostly because the 2nd phase has only 1,000 HP over 1,400. The eyes are the biggest rewards as they are the only enemies that drop Tissue Samples to make Crimson gear. Farmed for Tissue samples and Crimtane ore.
  • Queen Bee: A Giant motherfucking bee, what else need be said. It can drop weapons which shoot BEEEEES, parts of the bee outfit, and the rarest pre-Hardmode pet.
  • Eater of Worlds: A game of centipede gone wrong. Drops Shadow Scales and Demonite Ore, and farmed for both.
  • Skeletron: You have to kill it to go in the dungeon. It's huge and you need to kill it before Dawn, or you die.
  • King Slime: It's a big fucking slime. Kill it and you're rewarded with a piece of the Ninja outfit. It spawns little slimes as you hit it. Great for getting early game gold.
  • Wall of Flesh: The boss of hell is an inescapable nightmare that takes fuckhuge amounts of firepower to bring down. Killing it gives the player the Mallet that can destroy Demon Altars which create Deposits of Hardmode Metal for each Altar broken by it. Farmed for various accessories.


  • The Twins: The Hard Mode version of the Eye of Cthulhu, only there's two of them (Retinazer and Spazmatism), and you have to fight them at the same.
  • Skeletron Prime: The Hard Mode version of Skeletron.
  • Plantera: A Giant plant monster. The Bulbs will only spawn when you defeat the Mechanical bosses.
  • The Destroyer: The Hard Mode version of the Eater of Worlds that shoots lasers out of the segments of its' body.
  • Ocram: The Final boss in the Console release, it requires a suspicious looking skull and is extremely expensive to produce due to the materials required to make it.
  • Golem: The Boss of the Jungle Temple, only accessible in Hardmode.
  • Duke Fishron: Half fish, half pig, and half dragon. An extra boss (in that it helps you advance but is not required to unlock any other bosses) found by fishing using a special truffle worm.
  • Lunatic Cultist: A devotee of the Moon Lord. Killing him summons the four Celestial Pillars/Towers, which are bosses, invasions, and temporary semi-biomes in one.
  • Moon Lord: The final boss of the PC version. Cthulhu's brother.

The Bosses may drop trophies as well.

Blood Moon[edit]

At night, monsters come out. Zombies and Demon Eyes, mostly. On a Blood Moon, a somewhat uncommon event, evil is stronger; the Zombies and Demon Eyes hit harder, and the Zombies gain the presence of mind to open doors. Encounters for all monsters skyrocket. Suffice to say, the Zombie apocalypse is on, and your NPCs are in jeopardy unless you built your base well. (Hint: Two-door "airlocks" work just fine, since zombies can only open doors inwards.) Good training for the much more dangerous rigors of Sieges and PVP, Blood Moons give you a real taste of a sustained assault. You must hold the line until the morning sun vanquishes the horrible night.

God help you when these happen on Hard Mode.

Solar Eclipse[edit]

Rarely, there will be a solar eclipse, during which vampires and Frankensteins come out to play. If and when this happens, it will suck, because vampires have 800+ HP, and hit like a pissed off angry marine. Have fun! Oh right, some of the zombies shoot lasers. Mostly based on monster movies.

Goblin Siege[edit]

Occasionally, a bunch of Goblin shits get together and decide to raid your village, putting you pesky humies to the sword. When this happens, the Goblins will march towards the center of the map and actively seek to occupy buildings and kill NPCs. Goblin Mages, siege engineers, and warriors will attack, and you must perform a veritable Exterminatus to kill them all, since the siege only breaks when so much time passes that they give up, they kill everyone, or each and every Goblin is killed. A Siege can be summoned by using a Goblin Battle Standard: which is crafted from 10 tattered cloth and 5 wood at a loom. Goblin Sieges are easy to dispatch if you killed a few and are holding spiked balls they drop, Goblins are incredibly stupid and will walk right into the spiked balls you set on the ground.

Frost Legion[edit]

Hard mode equivalent of Goblin Siege, they are only encountered in Hard mode and can only be summoned from a Snow Globe which is only attained through opening presents during Christmas (Dec 15-31). The Snow Globes can summon them regardless of season. However they are even stupider than Goblins since they can't break down doors, nor can jump down wooden platforms. There are 3 kinds, Snowman Gangsters (Gunners), Mister Stabby (Warriors), and Snow Balla (Throws snowballs which can wreck homes and can block up holes in the ground).

You get Santa Claus as a NPC Villager after defeating the Legion but will only show up between Dec 15-31.

Pirate Siege[edit]

Yet another hard mode siege, except not season-specific. Can occur on its own, but can also be summoned by use of a Pirate Map, a hard mode drop from enemies in coastal areas. Pirates are in almost all regards just souped-up goblins. Watch out for the Captains though, since they have 2000 HP, hit like trucks, and are accompanied by obnoxious attack parrots. Like the goblins, these guys are total morons, and can be defeated with a modicum of strategy even if you lack superior firepower. Pirates generally drop golden furniture, although they have some disgustingly rare drops that can be found nowhere else. Hope you like farming! They also have a flying battleship.

Defeating your first Pirate Siege will get you the Pirate NPC Villager.

Pumpkin Moon[edit]

A Halloween-y event that can only be initiated by use of the Pumpkin Moon Medallion, an item constructed from Pumpkins (which only grow around Halloween initially), Ectoplasm, and Hallowed Bars. The Pumpkin Moon lasts one night, and consists of up to 15 ball-crushingly brutal enemy waves that culminate in not one but two consecutive boss fights, against the Mourning Wood (yes, really), and the almighty Pumpking. You will not only have to focus on staying alive, but also on micromanaging the rate at which you kill enemies, so as to ensure that the event progresses to waves 14 and 15 before you kill the bosses; killing them any earlier drastically reduces the odds of them dropping some of the best loot in the game. So yeah, not only is it incredibly tough, it's finicky bullshit as well. Fantastic!

Frost Moon[edit]

Like the Pumpkin Moon, but Christmas-themed and harder. Summoned with the Naughty Present.

Martian Madness[edit]

An alien invasion caused by getting seen by a martian probe that you let escape.


All you need to know about Terraria's team-based PVP is that it's covered in detail here.

Hard Mode[edit]

After beating the Wall of Flesh, the world goes nuts. Hugely powerful enemies fill it, and it's possible to acquire incredibly powerful materials to forge truly-potent weapons and armor. The Corruption goes into Munchkin mode, and quickly fills the land like Magma in a Dwarf Fortress map, blocked only by manmade blocks and the Hallow and Jungle biomes. The enemies are rape-tastic on this mode, and will quickly fuck your shit up if you don't access better materials ASAP.

Get ready for a tough fight.

There are 3 tiers of Hardmode Metal:

  • Cobalt
  • Mythril
  • Adamantium

As of the 1.2 PC update, there are also 3 alternate Hardmode Metals that may take the place of those above:

  • Palladium
  • Orichalcum
  • Titanium

The picks are replaced by Drills in Hard Mode

One can also acquire Souls of Flight in Hard Mode, which will allow the player to make wings to reduce the rate of descent/glide. However getting them involves facing the Wyverns that appear in the skies. Harpies will retreat to lower altitudes when Hard Mode kicks in as they fear the Wyvern as much as the player will.