Tesseract Ark

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Ball of Cheese coming through.

The Tesseract Ark is one of the most powerful (Read:Fucking bullshit with enough cheese to make an Italian proud!) Necron war machines that is considered highly mobile. It is a highly sophisticated design produced only by skilled Crypteks and it is predominantly built around a contained singularity torn from the heart of a dying star, and in battle it siphons energy from this source to unleash devastating firepower from its Tesseract Singularity Chamber. Essentially this thing has a god damned supernova as its main gun, it would have been Awesome if it wasn't for the fact that it is yet again, part of a already buffed beyond logical reasoning army while others such as the Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle and Tyranids are in serious need of support here.

The Ark itself is surrounded by a gravitational distortion field, which is both its method of movement as well as a defense mechanism which makes the Necrons have their own Holo-fields.

The Tesseract Ark is the Necron equivalent of a Leman Russ Executioner. You get a main gun with several firing profiles (you only need the 48" S7 AP2 Heavy 3 small blast) and a couple of extra gun options. Bear in mind it is horrendously expensive, 50 points more than a Monolith. Plus an extra 20 points if you want Particle Beamers for all the templates. With the change in how Quantum Shielding is worded it no longer counts as AV 14 with its shields on, now it is only AV 13.

It's design also resembles DOOMWHEELS, if it were better shaped, smoother, made by alien robots, moves in gravity, doesn't explode all the time and not powered by some chaos crystal.

9th Edition[edit]

Much better now. It’s pretty cheap now- 20 points cheaper than a Doomsday Ark, and arguably better. One, it comes with a 4++ invuln, so you don’t need to burn CP to give it one. Two, it still has Quantum Shielding, so you’re wounding on 4s. Unless you’re S7 or worse, then it’ll be 5s and 6s. The Ark moves fast, going 12”, and then it can shoot really hard. It has two Tesla Cannons (which you’ll swap out for Gauss Cannons anyway) and the big kahuna, the Tesseract Singularity Chamber. It has three weapon profiles, and you can choose one. Particle Hurricane (yes, this thing causes hurricanes at will) is D6 auto-hits that wound everything aside from vehicles on 2s. (It wounds vehicles on 6s.) Basically a better flamer. Seismic Lash (it also causes earthquakes) is D6 attacks at S5 AP-3 D3. Good against MEQs, but otherwise not great. It can be compared to a heavy bolter or maybe autocannon. And finally, Solar Fire. D6 shots, at S8 AP-3 DD6. A better meltagun.

All in all, a great unit. This Necron player brings one to sit in cover and shoot shit- and this it does with Necron efficiency- while still looking cool.

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