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To get an idea of what /tg/ is about.

"Know, o prince, that in the time between the dull youth of the internet and the age of Newfags, that there was an ancient and awesome message board known as /b/. It was the first but not the last. Back in these ancient times of myth and legend, a foul kind known as Furries sought the coveted Wednesday slot, but lo, their dickishness knew no bounds, and soon, they sought the other days as well. And, lo and behold, from the sky came the neckbeards, men of lore and wisdom, who saw the blasphemous evil and faggotry, and with righteous rage cast down the Furry and the Troll with powerful "Humanity; Fuck Yeah" threads and burning Rage! The purging of /b/ lasted many weeks, and the awesome power of neckbeards was REWARDED! AND LO! MOOT, God of /b/ crafted a sacred place of awesomeness and swelling pride, known as /tg/."

"Just saying, if you're a noob, casual, WAAC-faggot, that guy, or dedicated eldar-level troll, beer and pretzel gamer, foreveralone, it doesn't matter. None of that shit matters. You can always come fucking chill with /tg/ on bad days."

"No, the Board of Fornication is /d/. This is /tg/, the Board of Implied Fornication and Fantastical Eugenics."

"This is /tg/. We skim the book, get the gist of the rules, and then play a couple sessions to get the hang of things. Or we don't read the book at all and claim it's shit and some other book is better."-Anon

The Isle of /tg/, yar!
A /tg/ membership test.

An imageboard on 4chan, and the origin of this wiki and the stuff displayed herein. Mostly populated by neckbeards, its residents are often referred to as fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, and sometimes variations thereof (like smar/tg/uys or rabbi/tg/irls). It is sometimes said that /tg/ is really about D&D and WH40k and anything that is not related to those two topics should be saged, but in reality almost any subject can be tangentially linked to the board, and the topics of discussion are many and varied. /tg/: you don't even need the other boards anymore! Though certain events have led fa/tg/uys to exodus on other chan sites, particularly, infinity chan.

Remember, /tg/ is 100% worksafe

/tg/ is supposed to be worksafe. This means that it is periodically flooded with various varieties of porn. The masturbatory habits of your average fa/tg/uy have some overlap with the domain of /d/ when it comes to monstergirls, so they are fairly common; elves in various states of undress are also a frequent sight, and the board is sometimes host to the furry plague that infests most of 4chan.

The board gets into pride vs. butthurt fights over whether the /tg/ hivemind is able to get shit done. See: /tg/'s homebrews and /tg/ IRL for what /tg/ has done in the far distant past.

As you can tell, fa/tg/uys occasionally have mild differences of opinion on pretty much any topic. But no matter what happens to our board or our codices, we'll always be united in our love of dice and hatred of That Guy. Seriously, fuck him.

Things /tg/ stands for[edit]

History of /tg/[edit]

The history of /tg/ as a board and a userbase seems to have been muddled by the passage of time. The following was collected from various oldfags and checked with others.

Long ago on /b/ a tradition of Warhammer Wednesdays started. 40k fans would gather together on wednesdays to fill /b/ with their neckbeardedness. The future fa/tg/uys would compete with the furries for control of the board, and some of the oldest of fa/tg/uy drawfaggotry was of 40k characters purging the furfags from the board. Eventually moot had had enough of /b/ being flooded by Warhammer 40k fans and created a new board for them to inhabit along with other oldschool RPG players: /tg/.

The newly christened fa/tg/uys flourished on their new board, unmolested by the administration. Due to the nature of the hobby, many writefags, drawfags, and other creative types came to /tg/ and much unique content came from the board. But /tg/ was a blue board (that means it was supposed to be SFW for all you newfags), and the vast amounts of porn posted eventually caused the mods to come down on /tg/.

Sometime after the purge of nsfw content /tg/ reportedly entered a golden age in which the board became a sort of melting pot of various creative interests. It seems that many of the /tg/ original characters such as Crazy Hassan, Sir Bearington, and more came about during this era. It seems that it was during this time that /tg/ developed its reputation as a board of far-strewn subjects and appeal. Also during this time period a dice rolling mechanic was added, the last bit of good attention /tg/ got from the admins.

These times would not last, however, as /tg/ entered an era where the board suffered greatly at the hands of the 4chan administration. According to various users, there were a number of bad mods which have been collectively known as a single entity: the nazimod. Board content went to level of shit never seen before around 2010. Mods cracked down on both the shit flooding the board along with the material that while, not directly related to traditional gaming, were important parts of /tg/ culture. Some of the mods brought in due to the shit flood went stupid with power, and bans were handed out like candy to those who posted anything not directly related to traditional games or otherwise managed to displease the mods. While this got rid of some of the trashy members of the board, the purges also inflicted great casualties on the positive side of the userbase.

The history of /tg/ seems to go without major events until the advent of quest threads. Quest threads became popular on 4chan's many boards, but a lot complained that they weren't proper for the board at all, so mods eventually decided that all quest threads should go onto /tg/, which has resulted in approval, indifference, or utter rage from the various users of /tg/, which continued untill, In April 2016, a new "/qst/" board was formed for all questing and questing accessories. Sadly it seems that the gap left by the content of the questers, -while not always quality was usually genuine- has been filled with nothing but more meaningless shit threads like the ever loveable "elf slave wat do?" and countless number of their permutations. Or up to 9(!) 40k threads at once, rather than compacting that number into the general (Though to be fair the Warhammer 40k General is not really the best place even for actual 40k fans and generals are just a whole other can of worms).

It seems another time of newfaggotry may be upon us, with anons who don't know proper thread etiquette, and are general shitters. Time will tell if these anons will assimilate into true elegant gentlemen, or if their cancer will leave /tg/ in a worse place.

And so it was that the cancer metastasized.

  • See Also: The Story of teegee, a collection of dramatized stories of the history of the board.

Relationships with Other Boards[edit]

Skub Strip Panel 3.png This article or section is about a topic that is particularly prone to Skub (that is, really loud and/or stupid arguments). Edit at your own risk, and read with a grain of salt, as skubby subjects have a bad habit of causing stupid, even in neutrals trying to summarize the situation.
  • /a/ - Currently overlapping userbases according to survey of various elegan/tg/entlemen. Generally contained within quest threads after a huge influx when quests on /a/ were redirected to /tg/.
  • /co/ - Currently overlapping userbases according to survey of various elegan/tg/entlemen. Comic characters are an inspiration for some fa/tg/uys, and multiple RPGs allow the players to start as/become superheroes. /tg/ has even played host for the occasional comic dump while the audience debated how to use the setting in their games
  • /aco/ - See above, except this one is for NSFW content. Some overlap is inevitable.
  • /d/ - Much of the porn that /tg/ put up often dealt with monstergirls and the like, indicating something of an overlap of /tg/ and /d/ userbases.
  • /his/ - History, especially military history, seems to interest many /tg/ users. Elegan/tg/entlemen have a fondness for war gaming, so an interest in military history and Imperialism is only natural.
  • /k/ - RPGs typically include fantastic weaponry and a bias towards military action, which often leads to crossposting.
  • /m/- Overlaps with Warhammer 40k and any game involving robots or vehicles... in theory. Battletech invariably ends up as a shitposting subject.
  • /mlp/ - /tg/ seems to have a partial user overlap, as pony-related RPGs occasionally pop up and provoke discussion.
  • /pol/ - There seems to be a number of /pol/ users on /tg/ judging by the various political debates that occasionally spring up. Also, as with the flame war on the God-Emperor of Mankind page here on this very wiki, /pol/ pissed off /tg/ because of their insistence that the true name of the Emperor is Donald Trump, complete with the "photoshop Trump's head on the Emperor's" Forced Meme. Everyone who doesn't frequent /pol/ wishes that they would stay in their containment board rather than constantly try to derail threads and commit unholy sacrilege upon the Emperor by replacing him with the former American president.
  • /qst/ - A containment board for quest threads. Since most of the better quests with larger fanbases were tied to /tg/-relevant franchises, its basically a ded board.
  • /v/ - Surprising no one, much of /tg/ looks videogames for inspiration and a lot of /tg/ related franchises, including 40k and Forgotten Realms, have been adapted into videogames. Much crossboarding occurs between the two without issue but also means many newfags and shitposters are shared between the two.
  • /x/ - In the early days /tg/ had a lot of user overlap with /x/. After /b/ invaded /x/, many of the /x/ users unhappy with the new users left to make /tg/ their home board.
  • /ic/ - Often see /tg/ as based due to the reference threads some fa/tg/uys have posted on their board. Plenty art discussion can be seen immediately in threads where a random Anon might offhandedly bring it up. This suggests they lurk the reference and environment threads native to /tg/ as well. Some older d/ic/ks will claim that tabletop RPGs help build their "visual library."

For 8chan in particular:

  • /christian/ - The overlap between two boards is massive, for several reasons, main two being that many users on /christian/ are either actual elegan/tg/entleman or at least fond on tabletop games, particularly on 40K (due to obvious reasons) and the fact that history of Christianity and Bible are goldmines for various settings and adventure tropes.
  • /pol/ - One of the top reasons for fa/tg/uys making the exodus back in 2014 was escaping persecution for not being a leftist. 8chan's early history saw a relatively large amount of cross-pollination between /tg/ and /pol/, largely because your average 8/pol/ack in 2014 was more likely to have a coherent but heterodox worldview. The Reddit invasion of 2015 and /pol/'s annexation by the Trump campaign killed this happy relationship, but you can still find the odd /pol/itician of the old school sharing history factoids and rage over leftist stupidity in the industry is common enough to gets its own containment thread.
  • /monster/ - Board about monstergirls. Of course /tg/ is all over that shit. Actual crossboarding is minimal due to /monster/ finding /tg/ boring and /tg/ finding /monster/ full of autistic closet furries.

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